The pain is worth it

So I got my new tattoo yesterday.

There was a bit of a mess at the start, because I turned up about 10 minutes early, since I was walking I wanted to give myself some time and also just thought that ariving early was better than arriving late. But when I got there and place was all locked up. So I went and sat in the park area over the road and sent an email to my artist, before going onto their facebook page and noticing a post saying they were closed for the bank holiday. So I thought I had got the wrong day and started to make the long walk home, I got about 15 minutes away, when they called me, asking if I was coming. So I turned around and headed back.

Basically arrived about half and hour late, but my artist was understanding about my mix up and she hadn’t noticed my email until afer I arrived.

So yeah, I got my tattoo. I had heard before that white ink, was really painful to get, but honestly I sort of just thought it would be a little more painful, but no… it was way more painful than the black ink. It was weird at certain points, when she was doing the white ink, I wasn’t exactly feeling the pain where she was pressing the needle to my skin, but in other places. Sure the needle hurt, but the other places hurt more. There was a couple times where I considered asking for a break, but in the end I sat through the whole 3 hours without taking one. I know that’s not the longest time, compared to the time some people sit, but it’s my longest time so far.

After I got the tattoo done, I stupidly decided to walk back home. It’s over an hours walk from the tattoo studi to my place. Although the tattoo didn’t hurt too bad, I was more just plain exhausted, since I hadn’t eaten all that much before going.

Any ways once I got back home, I basically spent the rest of the day lounging around doing nothing, even though I should really be working hard on my dissertation, since I want to get it bascially finished by Thrusday and then hopefully get it bound Friday and perhaps hand it in then, or Monday – since Monday is the hand in date. Although I got this debate today, so that’s been pushing for priority lately. Although I think it’s going to go alright. I’ve only get to say the introduction and perhaps something at the end.

Any ways, although I’ve still got a mountain of work to do, I’ve been feeling alright about it this week, perhaps because it doesn’t feel as urgent anymore, even though the deadline is right around the corner, but I think I get like this, when the deadline is near – sometimes – I just sort of stop panicing.


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