You can BBQ in the Rain…

I was invited to a Easter BBQ at one of my coworkers place on Sunday – we’ll call her Ms. H.

We were working in the kitchen together so we pretty much clocked off at the same time, so while we were waiting for my fiance – we’ll call him Mr. B – to finish work, we had a drink and chatting with another friend who had come by to get some roast dinner – she used to work with me before, but she quit a while ago.

Then we headed to her place, although we were meant to get the bus with Mr. B, but he missed the bus and Ms. H didn’t want to wait around for another one, so we got on without him and apparently he walked back.

Ms. H had invited me to stay the night, but going into it, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay, because sometimes social gathering with people I don’t know can… be too much for me and I need to be by myself and process or something like that. Any ways, we got there and it was nice. They were mostly family friends and like and then of course her family – mother and one brother.

I enjoyed myself and it got pretty late, so I ended up staying over and sharing a bed with one her dogs, because the dog lay down on the bed she had made for me on the floor and I didn’t have the heart to kick it off, although it thought differently and I woke up during he night, basically completely off the bed, but I didn’t really mind, because Ms. H had popped a blanket over me at some point during the night so I wasn’t cold or anything.

So yeah that was my sunday, meeting a whole bunch of new people and having a BBQ for Easter. Honestly Easter isn’t really one of those holidays that my family celebrating all that much. I mean we did when I was younger, but after my mothers death we sort of stopped celebrating most holidays, except Christmas and birthdays. So I enjoyed doing something for it.

Well now I’ve got to huncker down and try and get some Uni work done, although fortunately my results are going to take a lot less time to process thanks to the father, but then that doesn’t matter if I can’t get people to actually complete the questionnaire.

Ergh, not for the first time I’m wishing this was all over.


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