To be completely untethered…

So one my old friends was talking about going to Cornwall over the summer this year, since it was kind of tradition until last year, when we didn’t go because we couldn’t find a time that worked for everyone.

But that got me thinking about my future and so I went to look at work abroad schemes again. I’ve gone on and off them for a while, thinking they might be a good idea and then thinking that they’re not for me. But I did find this really good looking one to work in Canada, where you can opt to go on a group flight that stops off in Iceland for three days, it’s more expensive that way, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun and I really do want to work and travel. I did think about just staying in the UK for a bit and build up my CV and think about what I want from the future and perhaps try and get published, I mean I’ve had some good response on the first chapter of my book, that I put up online and it is a dream of mine to be published, so it would be cool to get tht ball rolling.

I mean the program is for people below thirty, so I’ve got time to do it and it might be nice to just relax a bit. Since I was also thinking of doing this teaching course thing in Prague or Thailand, which sounded like it would be fun. Although I’m not sure if teaching, let alone teaching English abroad is the right job for me, although the Thailand one isn’t particularly long, so I could do that and not feel like I had to do that sort of job for the rest of my life and all that jazz.

Doing a work abroad scheme sometimes seems like just the thing for me, since I want to go to so many places and I honestly don’t think I would be able to afford to go to them all on a minimum wage job, since that the only work I’ll probably get. I just don’t know… we’ll see how things go with my University shit first, since that’s still hanging over my head at the moment.

I’m going to go see the father the week before Easter, so that should be nice. I was meant to be going to see some old friends that weekend, but they just wanted to do a one night things and I can’t really afford that, since I would have to spend ‎£50 or something, just to see them for one night and knowing them half of them won’t be able to make it last minute, so I’m sitting this one out. Not them I wouldn’t like to see them, but when we first started talking about meeting up, we were going to go abroad and now it’s just a alcohol filled sleepover.

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