Yellow can be Beauty…

So over the past week there has been something weird going on with my body, at first I had no idea what it could be, but now I think it’s an infection in my ear piercing that’s making me feel so sick and tired and what not. I didn’t really think it was infected, until I was cleaning it and accidentally broke the bubble that had formed and this puss stuff came out, after that I went online and worked out it is probably infected, so I’ve set an appointment to see my GP at the end of the week, because that was as soon as they could see me and hopefully I won’t get any worse til then. I mean I’ve been feeling better, than I did. At work on Sunday I felt so horrible, it didn’t help that my feet were iching like anything and it was the first day of my period, so I would have been feeling crap, even if I didn’t have a fever and want to throw up everytime I moved. But in the end they sent me home a little early, because all the colour apparently drained out of my face.

It was weird because on Saturday I felt fine. I actually stayed at work until half ten, because it was more fun being at work, than having to come home to my housemates. It was quite fin sort of helping out the bar staff, I got to make some drink and fetch things for people and one of them showed me the basics of using the till. I won’t swap working in the kitchen for working in bar, full time, but I won’t say no to working on the bar if they asked – which I don’t think they ever will, since they’ve just hired someone new and already have quite a few staff memebers, even if they do keep trying to change shifts and pretending to be sick.

Anyways I got to spend some time with Mr. J, so that was nice, since we hadn’t seen each other for a while, because the weekend before last I went to Ireland and all that jazz.

Today me and a friend went to see the live action Beauty and the Beast, I think it was good. (spoiler) However Belle’s dress for the ball wasn’t all that great. Apparently a child helped to design it and it wasn’t historically correct because Emma Watson refused to wear a corset, also when she was meant to be singing, they used a whole bunch of autotune of her voice, but I liked the songs. Also there was all that shit about there being a gay character, but honestly I don’t get what everyone was getting my panties in a twist about, the character wasn’t overally (stereotypically) gay – at least I think that. If a homophobe had watched the film without knowing I don’t think they would have really noticed th gay character, I think the fuss just happened because it was ‘announced’ that there was one.

Any ways I enjoyed the film and we went to Nandos after, I think I’ve said this before, but I think Nandos is overrated. Sure I like it, but it’s not as great as some people make it out to be. But my friend is obsessed, so we went.

I’ve got my dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to it. I wish they could just put me to sleep and do everything. But I really doubt that’s going to happen, so I’m going to mentally grin and bear it, because I’ll have to keep my mouth wide open.

Then on Thursday I’ve got a consultation with a tattooist for my next tattoo – yay! So hopefully by that time next week I’ll have my next tattoo. Although I’m not completely sure which one it’ll be because, I’m worried about having the one done on my leg, because I wear tight leggings for work and therefore they would rub an what not, which isn’t good for a fresh tattoo, plus I wear leggings and basically just tight clothing on my legs a lot in day -to-day life, but I’m going to talk to the tattooist about it and see what they say, then we’ll see which tattoo I get.


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