Anything for time

Recently I’ve been swaying from feelings, in control and on track, to frustrated, confused and overwhelmed by all the things I have to get done.

I do feel like I am making headway, but I guess things just aren’t going as smoothly as I would have wished, so whenever there’s a hiccup, no matter how small, I end up almost immediately getting frustrated. But anyways, I’ve got so much going on this Thursday now. Before it was just a few University seminars and now I feel like the whole day is full. I was hoping to be able to take it easy, before having to do two presentation, since talking infront of people is not something I’m good at – serious stage fright, I mean just three people and I get a bit… – plus for one of the presentations I can’t seem to get my group together, so I’ve done a simple one myself, but I’m not going to let them walk all over me or anything, so I’ll do it by myself if I have to, sort of thing, but I would prefer to do it as a group.

But any ways, I just sort of don’t want this month to end, because I’ve got so much to get done next month and I don’t feel like I have the time, so I’m stressed about that one minute, then I do something from my workload and I feel a little better, but then I remember all the other stuff I have to do, or something little doesn’t workout as planned and I’m back stressed again.


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