Productive mornings should lead to productive days…

So it appears to be becoming a habit to drink on a Sunday. I mean I only had two bottles of cider yesterday, so it’s not like I’m binge drinking or anything, just having a little fun after work.

So since it was a Sunday yesterday, it was busy, but there were two waitresses on, so it wasn’t bad for us really. Apart from a few mistakes made by the bar staff, which made things confusing for a while and got a boss in a bit of a state at one point, but in the end it was pretty good.

I should have left quite early really, but we were doing prep for the next day, because the kitchen is shut on Monday, so we make sandwiches for the poker and what not on the Sunday and leave them in the fridges for them.

Any ways I was serving one of the tables and one of the guys – he’d been in the week before, so I sort of recognised him – said that he’d seen me walking around outside of work and how he had thought about beeping his horn at me. I told him there probably would have been no point because I tend to ignore that and all was fine and they seemed happy with their meal. Then when I went out for a cigarette break he was out having a cigarette as well, so he started talking to me about my University course and then it got a little weird, when he starting saying stuff, like he’d buy anything from me and shit like that, but I didn’t really take any noticed and just smiled through it because he’s a customer and all that jazz. Later I went out for another cigarette when I’d clocked out and was having a a drink and he just happened to be out there again – just my luck – it was all good, until he started to try and get me to get in his car with him. I of course refused, because stranger danger and all that jazz, but he asked for a hug and honestly sometimes I find it hard to hug people I know, let alone stranger, but I did it and just left nasty for a while after. Once I went back in I told my boss and of course within a few moments everyone knew about it.

I’m not sure what it is, but something about me seems to be making me seem more approachable lately – at least that’s the way it seems. Maybe it’s a blonde-ish hair – because basically all the dye has washed out at this point, although I’m thinking of dying the ends, because as long as I don’t go near my ear, it’ll be fine – or perhaps it’s because I’ve been wearing make-up to work lately, or maybe it’s the short skirt. Or maybe there’s been a change in me, that I didn’t really notice that’s making me more approachable.

Any ways I didn’t let that little incident with a customer dampen my night. Honestly I would have stuck around longer, because it was kind of fun watching the bar staff and helping out a little – I mean I’m not trained so I can’t do much – but one of my co-workers finished at 6 and we walked part of the way home together, alright I walked in completely the wrong direction for about 10 minutes then realised and said goodnight.

By the time I got home I was feeling kind of tired, but I still didn’t go to bed until about 11 o’clock. Just like me, I’ll tell myself I’m going to go to bed night and early – meaning somewhere between 9-10 o’clock – but end up going to be much later than planned. Any who, this morning I was rudely awoken by my phone buzzing to tell me I had a message from Mr. J about our trip to the cinema this week. Unfortunately we couldn’t go at the time we had planned, because I had a seminar right then, so we’re having to go much later, but hey ho life goes on and we’ve got it more or less sorted now, which is nice. Today has so far been a productive day, I got my plans with Mr. J sorted, I bought train ticket to Gatwich for next week, I sorted out a place to stay on the Sunday night in Ireland and I found out that make-up counts as liquids on a plane, so I’m going to have to sort through what make-up I want/can bring. I’ve sort of been cutting down on the amount that I wear anyways, so I think it would be fine if I bought more toiletteries instead, but I still have to work out what I’m going to carry my stuff in.


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