Cold and lucky

Today was/is not a good day… to die.

It seems I’m in luck, or perhaps it’s all ran out today, but I’ve had two good days in a row – yay for me!

Since it is a weekend, I had work today, as per usual and it was damn slow, so we were quite bored, but I still didn’t clock out until five twenty or something and then I only got home at seven thirty… no it didn’t take me two hours to walk home, I ended up sticking around for a drink and then my boss offered me a lift home and since I was feeling lazy I accepted and then she took ages to leave, which I was fine with, because I was just hanging around and not in any hurry to get home today, since being home means having to deal with my homemates and the coldness of my house, since the boiler is apparently, once again, broken. Or it was never really fixed, or the problem is that they just put it on, on and our boiler is really old, so once it’s on, it’s on, it doesn’t turn off once the water gets to certain temperature or anything like that, like more modern ones can/do.

Any ways yeah, today was a good day, as I said in my blog a while back, I was talking myself into asking out a certain someone, but then during my down talked myself back out of it. But today he beat me to the punch so to speak and asked me to go to a film with him in the new place that they’ve just opened – The cure for wellness. Just saying I had been drinking, so I think I made him ask me about two to three times, before I actually processed what he was saying or something like that… a wonderful future story to tell at parties I guess. Although I probably have some much more funny ones, but hey ho.

Any ways so we’re going to sort out a time and day that we’re both free and go and all that jazz…


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