The normal day of Valentines

So another Valentines day has been and gone, just as they do.

And just as last year I spent this one without a Valentines, but that didn’t bother me too much. I was meant to go out with a friend, but she bailed on me at the last moment, so I spent the evening chatting with other friends and just watching stuff on Netflix. I also tried bubble tea for the first time and now I want to drink it everyday, but there isn’t a place all that close to me – I would have to walk for an hour to get to it and ordering it everyday would get expensive – so unfortunately I’m going to have to hold off on that craving, or at least try to, so I don’t spend all my money on bubble tea and snacks.

I was meant to be going to the cat cafe tomorrow, but the person who I was going with and who also made the booking, has now got herself a shift at work, because she’s silly like that and she refuses to try and change her shift – even though it would be easy for her to do so, it’s not like the shift is part of her contract or she covering for someone else or something – so I have idea if she’s cancelled the reservation we has or not, but if she can’t then I’m going to see if one of my other friends wants to go instead, because I was really looking forward to going. Plus if I don’t go then I could have gone to work and that makes me feel a little sad, because I do sort of need the money. I guess it was either spending money or earning it, but in the end all about the money.

Anyways for the most part this week has been normal, normal,normal.

I’ve been debating whether or not to get my next tattoo before or after I go away for my birthday. I mean I wanted to give the tattoo time to heal before going away, because I’m not sure if I would be able to take the stuff I have to put on it on the plane, since it’s a cream and I’m not sure about that. Time has been flying by and it feels like March is just around the corner and all that jazz.

I know where I want to go to get it done, so that’s all sorted and they don’t seem like the most busy place in the world, so I don’t think it would be hard to get an appointment with them and get it done, pretty damn quickly. But also I’m worried about my leggings, which I wear to work, rubbing it and aggrivating it and all that jazz. Plus I’m not even 100 percent sure the first one is properly healed yet. I mean it seems healed, but it’s still raised and hurts when something presses on it and such, although I think the scab has come off, perhaps the scab got pulled off too early and that’s why it’s like this. Honestly I’m not sure what to expect from tattoo, since this is my first.

But yeah, although the thing I’m worried about the most is my industrial piercing. It seems to be healing fine, as long as I use SSS to clean it, if I don’t it tends to itch and get a bit sticky, because the crusties don’t come off as well with the shops cleaning fluid, so I’ve been using SSS to clean it for the most part, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to do that. Any ways the thing I’m worried about is whether or not I’ll be able to take it out by the time I go away, because I always beep when going through the metal detectors, at least once of the times I go through – there or back – and I have no idea why, I just guess that I have a piece of metal lodged in me somewhere, from when I was a child – I used to get hurt all the time and there was lots of opportunities for this to happen. But who knows.


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