Bring February Fever to work day…

Alright, so today…

Today was in some way pretty normal. I got up, made breakfast, got ready for work, went to work and so on and so forth.

I started giving out my valentine’s day cards and so far people have seemed to like them, although one was taken in a more dirty way than it was meant to be, but that’s kind of normal for where I work.

My boss and the manager for the bar, have gotten together… sort of. She says that they’re more fuck buddies than in a relationship, but to be honest they act like they’re in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. The only thing is she’s a bit worried that he’s going to more too fast and I can understand why, the guy in… intense. Now I’ve been called intense on several occasions, but compared to him…

Any ways it’s been kind of fun to watch them mess around, although sometimes it changes from fun to awkward¬† and I just want to leave the room. I’ve also learnt way more about their sexual preferances and what not than I wanted to know, but hey I guess I’m just getting to know them and all that jazz.

Although today he was showing me the stuff he’d got for her for Valentines and apparently he’s going to cook her a meal and be all romantic like that. I just couldn’t help but think how cute that was, because well, as much as couples can annoy me because they remind me of the fact that I don’t have anyone right now, I love love and they are super cute with each other.

Any ways I’ve got three more cards to give tomorrow and I want to give them in person, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible for one person. One I’ll be working with in the kitchen and the other will be on the bar during my shift, so I should be able to do those two no problem.

Ah and now onto the part that got me smiling today. Alright so I’ve talked about Mr.J what I feel like is a lot and that’s probably because nothing has happened between us. Any ways so of course I made him a card as well, but one of the girls that works on both the bar and in the kitchen – and we’ve become quite good work friends, she’s just super nice and easy to like – was talking to him about me the night before and apparently someone told him that I might have a lot of partner or potential partners, basically in the vein of me being a bit full in the whole dating side of my life.

So not true. I haven’t gone on a date in… well part of me wants to say that I’ve never been on a date, because the stuff I did do with my ex’s… I just don’t want to call that going on dates, but that’s just the romantic in me speaking really. Any ways I’ve not been in a relationship for four years, if you don’t count fuck buddies and the like – does that make me sound slutty?

So I have no idea where they got their information, but it’s a little bit wrong. Any ways she basically told him that I was going to give him a Valentines day card and that kind of made me nervous to give it to him, because he was expecting it… I’m not sure why, but it did. But I did because I went through all that trouble to make them and he was there and his reaction just made me smile. So that was a nice way to end a somewhat slow day at work.

It snowed today and when I say snowed I mean the meagerest of flakes and it didn’t settle, but was very cold, so none of the normal – old – people that come in really wanted to because it was too cold – I’m guessing. But tomorrow seems like it’s going to be busy.


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