The cat gave it to me…

So my exams are finally over and I feel… I’m not sure how I feel. Perhaps excited because I have some fun stuff planned for the up coming months and then there’s my birthday trip to Ireland, which I’m literally going to scream if that doesn’t happen and still go away, but probably not to Belfast.

But yeah, since all my exams are done I don’t have to really worry about University work, until February – which is only a week away – or when my supervisor finally gets back to me about my dissertation questionnaire, but who knows when that will be, it could be today, it could be in a month. I guess I could start writing more of my report for my dissertation, but I probably won’t. I might just basically give myself the week off and hope for the best from then on, or something like that.

So one of the other things I’ve got planned for the coming months, is to go to the new cat cafe, which is opening just down the road a way from me, with a friend. I mean I still miss my cats and I think it could be a lot of fun, although for obvious reasons you’re not allowed to just pick up and cuddle the cats, which is a little sad, but still.


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