Industrial work

Alright, so this week has been… strange I guess would be a word.

I was meant to get a tattoo on Friday, but that didn’t happen, but on Saturday I met a friend after work and we got piercing. She got a second and I finally got my industrial. I’ve been meaning to get it for so long and it just feels like I’m gently become… me… or something like that. I mean this year isn’t starting off all that bad, sure some bad stuff has happened, but as long as I don’t focus too much on my murky future, then I don’t feel too anxious and freaked out. Probably not the best idea, but I’ve sort of put some things on hold until after my exams, since I completely don’t feel ready for those, so once I’ve finshed them I think more about my future and my dissertation, which has been ‘getting in the way’ of my revision – meaning I’ve been using it to procrastinate instead of revising.

Any ways Saturday. I still haven’t told anyone were I work, so I met my friend at the bus stop and then we went to the same place that I got my tattoo, because they had a deal, two for one, on. So we took advantage. Honestly the this piercing hurt more than my tattoo did, although I did get a small tattoo and all, but I think that’s mainly because once the needle wasn’t touching my skin the tattoo didn’t hurt anymore, but this piercing is apparently meant to hurt for the next two weeks or more and takes three to ten month or more to heal completely. I’m trying my best to keep it clean and all that jazz, since I did have a little problem when I got my first ear piercings, nothing too bad, but the inside went an odd colour for a bit. I mean they’re fine now – I think.

So after we had got our piercings, we went out for a meal, because my bonus with my work, was £20 off a meal. So we ended up at Turtle Bay, somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for a while, because people have been telling me that they have good cocktails, plus I love Carribean food. We ended up being there right in the middle of cocktail hour, so we got 2 for 1 drinks and we didn’t realise at first. Any ways we ended up spending way more than the 20 and I got kind of tipsy, but considered that was the only meal I had had all day, I wasn’t that surprised, but I was worried about going to work the next day.

I was trying to hook my friend up with people in the restaurant, but she get shy about the whole thing and won’t let me try really. Although one of the waiters seemed to be into her, but she wasn’t into him, so bad luck for him.


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