Finally a canvas and soon a sieve…

So I went and got my first tattoo on saturday – a semicolon. I’d been meaning to get it since before Christmas and the place I wanted to go to is around my work, so I went after work.

It started off as just me going and by the time I had finished work, three of us were going. I just mentioned it to one of my co-workers and then she said it to another and they wanted to come and then she texted and another and they wanted to come, so we all went. Honestly the I probably didn’t make the best choice when it comes to price, but it’s done now and that’s what matters.

At first we were all getting tattoos, but I was the only one that came out with a tattoo, because of he price mostly, the other two got piercings, one got one of her nipples pierced, she was meant to get them both done, but couldn’t sit through two i the end and got her ear done instead, while the other got a lip and belly piercing.

I was expected the tattoo to hurt quite a bit, I mean I’d heard that wrists were a painful place and I’m not going to lie, it did hurt, but it’s wasn’t as painful as expected.

The artist made me lie down, I’m not completely sure why, since it was just a wrist tattoo, but I did, so I couldn’t watch, which was probably a good idea. So I was lying there one arm out, staring at the ceiling and trying not to focus on what was going the pain in my right wrist. He asked me if I was alright so many times, that I kind of just wanted to say ‘until I tell you I’m not ok, I’m ok alright, just get it done’ but I didn’t because that would have been rude and I’m sure he was just trying to be nice, because it was my first tattoo. But it was over and done with way faster than I had thought it would be, I felt like I was there for about 2 minutes.

But after I felt a little, odd I guess at first it was all adrenaline I think and then I just felt weird, I suppose it was my body trying to deal with what had just happened, since I’ve read the body will instantly try to get the ink out of you.

But now that I’ve got my first I want to get the other six right away. Although I’m thinking I’ll probably go to a different place, nit that I didn’t like the place I went to they, were lovely, but I think a little bit over priced, so I’m probably going to go to one of the places closer to my house, next time and I’m going to wait for this one to heal before getting another.

I had to work Sunday as well and was a little worried about it, because I’m right handed, but it only tingled a little, when I moved my wrist around a lot and it wasn’t super busy day at work, although I had to remove the wrap I had put over it, to try and keep it clean, because I was sweating out the ink and a bit more came out last night, which I’m a little worried about, but hopefully it won’t make it look bad and will still have nice edges and everything in the end. Fortunately I don’t have to go back to work until Wednesday and I’m hoping by then th wound will have closed over and I won’t sweat out any more ink.

I also dyed my hair, it was meant to be red, pink and orange, but it turned out pink and orange, with a slight redness to it. So I’ve been getting a whole bunch of comments on it at work and all that jazz, then of course I get people asking me what my tattoo means and then when I tell them it’s for mental health, they ask me why I got that and I have to make the decision whether or not I want to tell them it’s because I have issues with mental health or not. Most of the time I kind if joke around that subject, although I did have one regular customer get all serious after I said something, which was kind of weird. But now I’m just hoping it heals fine and doesn’t get infected or go weird or something, I’ve been putting them cream that was recommended to me by the artist on it, but I haven’t been wrapping it, apart from when I’m sleeping, because a friend told me when she got her first tattoo, she didn’t wrap it when she was asleep and it got stuck to her bedding and pulled most of the ink and a whole bunch of skin off of her, so I don’t want that to happen to me, so I’m trying to be cause and keep it clean and tidy.

Any ways my friend and I have been talking about going and getting piercing together at some point this month and I also offered to go with another friend to get her first tattoo, with her, because I think she was planning on going by herself and it’s nice to have someone with you I’ve found. I mean the one she’s getting it a bunch bigger than mine, so it’s going to be harder on her and I don’t want anything happening to her when she getting back or anything. I guess I’m just trying to be a good friend or something…

Any ways apart from all that I’m kind of just trying to get myself to revise for my looming exams and get stuff done on my dissertation, which I feel like won’t happen until after my exams now, unless I use that as a procrastination thing – I’m such a procrastinator.

I called my father on the Sunday evening after a long day at work and told him about the tattoo, he didn’t sound all that impressed, but I knew that he wasn’t all for the idea, that’s why I wasn’t going to tell him, but in the end I did, but he was glad it wasn’t somewhere like my face – somewhere super visable – and just on my writst, although I did mention that I wanted six more, but none were in super visable places, I mean I sort of choose those places, because they weren’t the most visable unless I wanted them to be. Apart from the one of my hand, they are all coverable without looking weird in summer or hot places or whatever. I mean I want both my legs, up the side of the torso, base of my neck and behind my ear, so yeah simple to cover and then I can wear long sleeves or bracelets to cover the other if I feel like it.

But then I also want facial piercing and there just a bit harder to hide, so I guess people are going to know that I’m slightly… alternative or whatever when they look at me then. But I’m probably not going to get them for a long while.


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