Please don’t look at me right now…

So I made it ‘home’ for Christmas, well rather the father and his partners place.

One of my brothers has come down for the festives and a whole bunch of the father’s partners family – who I now refer to as my in-laws on occasion, just to make explanations and what not easier, when talking about them – have come down on Christmas eve. It was all nice and I know all of them already from previous Christmases and the like, so they’re not exactly strangers to me, but most of them haven’t met my brother and none of them have seen me with my extremely blonde hair before, it does throw people when they first see it and looks white in pictures.

Any ways since it’s Christmas day, I’m going to make this short, I just thought I’d recount something that happened last night. Everyone was going to bed and there is only 2 bathrooms and one is an inside the master bedroom at the top of the house, so everyone was using the one on the first floor.

Me and my brother are sleeping in the same room, because, well the house isn’t big enought for everyone to have their own rooms to sleep in, there are fourteen or so people. But yes, because my brother was sleeping in the same room as me, I went into the bathroom to get changed. So I had just got my top and bra off, when I heard someone at the door, but of course the father haf added a little bolt thing to the door, to stop people from walking in on others, but this didn’t stop my brother in law, he just busted through the bolt, of course I then yell and try to cover myself, as he peers around the door at me, probably just as shocked as I was and I just go ‘I’m… not wearing a top’, then he runs out the room, closing the door behind him and saying sorry. Part of me is hoping that he was drunk enough, that he doesn’t really remember the whole thing clearly, but he’s not particularly acting different today, so maybe he doesn’t or maybe he just wants to not think about it, which is all good with me. Any ways now the bolt on the door doesn’t work at all and I’m so bad and listen out for people knocking, that I can image it happening to me again sometime this holiday season.

Any ways I’ll be off to be merry and all that jazz. I got my ethical approval the other day, so I’m slowly putting my questionnaire together to be completely by my participants, hopefully I will get enough and there will be lots of psychology students who want to participate in my one and not someone elses…


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