Embarrassed, Red, Black and Blue

So today was my last day at work, until next year. Well it was meant to be, I might pick up some extra shifts between Christmas and New years if I can. I have no idea what I’m doing for New years, because as usual my friends are being… flacky.

Any ways it was mad, we had two big Christmas tables and they just sort of got to me. I mean if I was at a restaurant or something and I could see that the waitress was getting stressed out, then I wouldn’t got bug her about the most stupid stuff… maybe that’s one sided, but I did get pissed when the largest table we had today didn’t even tip, after everything they put me through. But hey we split the Christmas tips at the end of the shift and it was actually a fare amount, so maybe doing all those extra shifts was worth it.

I was kind of hoping that I would get to see Mr. J before Christmas, but no, although I did meet the new girl S, but I don’t think I made the best first impression, hopefully she won’t hold it against me. I mean I didn’t do anything bad, I just think she think I’m weird, which I am, but I different sort of weird than I am.

Any ways in the morning I fell down the stair, before going to work, and now my back is killing me. It’s the second time this week that I’ve hit my head. I’m blaming it on lack of sleep, because I’m been bashing and injurying – not badly – myself all week. I have grazes up my right arm and I think my back is going to bruise, fortunately it seems my head it not so badly injuried.

But me and a friend went to go see Rogue One this evening. I’ve always liked Star Wars ever since I first watched it as a kid, I mean I grew up in a Sci-Fi household really, so StarĀ  Wars was something of a staple you could say.

Oh I realised that with all the drama and stress of last week, I didn’t talk about a little… incident – can’t think of a better word – that happened on Sunday. One of my co-workers – actually I’ve talked about him before, he’s the one that bite me – is rather touchy feely. I mean I never think that he truely crosses boundaries, but maybe I just have less boundaries than most people or something, I don’t know… Any ways he was messing around as per usual and then I goes to hug me and started rubbing his cheek on mine, because who knows why, so I tell him not to, because he’ll rub off all my make-up, so then instead he decided it would be a good idea, to shove his face between my breasts. I won’t lie, a part of me wanted to punch him, but I didn’t I just pushed him away and yelled at him, but I was more embarrassed by the whole thing, because Mr. J saw it all. I mean I don’t want to send the wrong impression, like that I’m easy, but then I won’t say that I’m not easy either, is there an inbetween?

Any ways so yeah that happened… the shit that goes down at my work place…


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