Ain’t got time for that…

So… I sort of got someone fired at work today.

It was meant to be my day off today, but one of the waitresses just didn’t turn up, so my obss rang me and asked me to come in. I would have said ‘no’ since I was dead tired, but she sounded like she was going to break down, so I said yes and basically ran out the house, because she had woken me up with her call.

Got there and things were a little stressed, I just thought it was because it was a busy day and the other waitress isn’t a favourite of anyone there, so maybe she was amping the stress levels of everyone. I of course try to get down to work, but the other waitress, let’s call her B, asked me to do her job for her – I will repeat that I was super tired and not really with it – I just ended up sort of looking at her and no replying because my brain isn’t working right, but then quickly moves onto trying to get one of the bar staff to do it and I go back to trying to do my job.

Then she comes back into the kitchen and asks me about the washing up, I sort of flounder for a moment, because to me she’s no making sense, then when I get what she saying I reply and let her know that I’m doing it. She then storms out and was apparently cussing and shit, out into the dinning area where there are customer sitting. A couple mintes later I’m trying to get some food into my system, by eating my mango and I see her talking to our boss and hear my name, so I move away rolling my eyes, because I don’t want any of that shit. Then she comes after me, and aggressively explains that she thought I was giving her dirty looks and deaths stares and a bunch of other stuff, which to my knowlegde I completely wasn’t, I apologize because I just want the whole thing to calm down quickly and for us to get on with our jobs.

Then she gets into an argument with our boss and tells our boss that she thinks she’s not doing her job and all this other nasty stuff, making our boss run off.

Then B turns back to me and basically tells me that she thinks I’m not doing my job either, which is compete bullshit. I’m not saying that I’m perfect or anything, far from, but she’s the one that doesn’t do her job properly, they had to make a little sign thing in the kitchen, with our duties on it because she wasn’t doing her job properly and she still didn’t after that went up.

Any ways I apologise again and get back to work. Then I tell her I’m just going to the tiolet before we start serving, because I just can’t be in the same room as her anymore. I mean I felt like I was going to break down and when I got to the toilet that’s what I did. As it turned out that’s where our boss had gone as well, so she found me in there and before I could come out of the cubical she had left. I cleared my head and cleaned myself up, getting ready to go back out there. But when I got back to the kitchen B had dissappeared. I asked the bar staff, but none of them new where she was, so thinking that maybe she was doing something somewhere or talking with our boss, I started doing the washing up.

A little time passed and neither of them came back. Then my old boss, who comes in from time to time, with the old lady she’s taking care of, came into the kitchen, asking where my boss was. I told her I didn’t know, then she told me she had just ran into B and B had told her, she was leaving. So B had just up and walked out, she had even clocked out – but she’s not getting paid for a couple hours she was there today, because she walked.

After a bit of floundering on my part, my old boss says she help out, because people have been ordering and I’m not trained to cook, so I couldn’t get their meals out there. It wasn’t soon after this that my boss came back, looking a bit disshelved, because she had been crying in the office, after telling the receptionist and all of them what had happened.

So yes the receptionist called up B, who didn’t answer and told her, that she was no longer needed and just not to come back.

But apparently B had been a bit… short even before I had arrived and when my boss found out what had happened between us, she told me that she thought B was also rather racist, from things she had said to her before this. I mean B had always been a bit odd with me, but I thought that was just how she acted and I would get used to it or something, we don’t usually work together any ways.

Any ways, so I ended up working as the only waitress on my day off. But fortunately it wasn’t too busy and the customer were understanding about the wait, since the bar staff told them that there was a problem with the oven.

Although I did have one table ask where B had gone, so I told them that she had left, because she thought this place wasn’t the right fit for her. I meant I wasn’t going to tell them what had really happened.

But everyone seemed to quite glad B was gone, it seems that no one liked her at all. I meant I didn’t really know her, I hadn’t worked with her much, but she constantly talked down to me, but I sort of just let it slid right off of me and she didn’t do her job properly, which sometimes made it hard for everyone else and she was always complaining about everything, but that also just seemed like she just said absolutely everything that came into her head, without thinking about it. Any ways she gone and now there are only 2 waitresses left, because one is on holiday until after Christmas time, meaning that when I leave for Christmas, there will only be one. I’m hoping it’s no too busy, because my boss is already stressed enough as it is.

So that’s today, for the most part…


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