Takes to the bed

So I was going to post yesterday, but I was so tired after work, I just couldn’t be bothered. Honestly this last week seems to have taken it out of me and seeing as I didn’t do all that strenuous activity, I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired of late.

But any ways, as per usual I spent last weekend working my little ass off, or something like that, even staying late again, due to several reasons.

Saturday was a bit different, one of the guys that worked on the bar got fired, so there was a slight change, as someone had to fill in for him, but that was nice for me, not that I didn’t like the other guy, but with the change that meant I got to flirt around with the guy I’ve been crushing on (let’s call him Mr. J) – still a new thing for me and sometimes the ‘feels’, as my friend would call them, weird me out a little – and since the place was basically dead, we didn’t have much to do. Although I stayed later than usually, to prep for the next day, because that seemed like a good idea.

Sunday there was a new girl working on the bar, it was like her fourth shift, but it was our first time meeting. We didn’t really interact all that much, but she seemed really nice and she has a nice singing voice, so yeah I think she’s going to get on fine. I mean there are a lot of… boisterous… big personality types where I work and things can get a little crazy, but she seemed to see the funny side, rather than being appalled or something to that effect, like I think some people would probably be.

Any ways when I got into work on sunday my co-worker/boss happily told me, that she had had a little chat with the Mr. J. Well she said that after I had left on saturday he had come into the kitchen and asked her if I was single, because he wanted to ask me out. So for most of the beginning of my shift – until things started to get a little hetic, because sundays are usually a little chaotic – she was asking me whether he’d asked me out yet or not. Any ways he didn’t, but I found it quite funny, when she told me that he had said that he got ‘good vibes’ from me, because that’s a first. Most people describe me a little different than that, but then again I have been the most upbeat version of myself at work recently, not so much yesterday, because I was dead tired and just wanted my bed, but the other times…


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