Reasons to be impolite on the road…

So I think I’ve done a post with my thoughts on scientology and all that jazz.

But today I was heading to see my friend, as we were going to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, when I got stopped by this lady in the street, asking if I’d answer some questions. One thing lead to another and she got me into this empty looking building, as if it had just been gutted, sort of empty, not abandoned sort of empty. At this point I was regretting stopping and hoping she wasn’t going to try and induct me into some sort of cult… not quite what happened.

Any ways an hour and a half later, I managed to escape their clutches. I spent most of my time trying to be polite, in my turning down of their services, but did come out with a book, which I don’t really intend to read and a fuzz feeling in my head, like I had just been asleep, alas not so.

At first I had no idea that they were anything to do with scientology, but when I found out, I was kind of like, I just want to leave, but they wouldn’t let me, in the sense that thy didn’t leave me alone and kept insisting that I needed this or that. I mean they were all smiles and nice-ness, but honestly I swear one of them was using a… I’m not actually sure what it’s called, but it’s where you use subtle gestures and stuff to change people’s minds and all that jazz…

I did manage to escape in time for the film, I mean I was a little late and I ran most of the way there, as my friend was waiting outside for me. But now I’m a little afraid to go near that area, as they might be here again and recognise me or something. I mean they know my name, because I stupidly told them my real name before realising who they were, from now on I’m giving out a fake name, when people stop me in the street, or just do what I usually do and say ‘no’ while walking away.

I only stopped today because I had got in so early, so I had some time to kill. I was going to go shopping and of course didn’t because of this…


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