Should I let it go?

So today has been quite dull, I spend most of the morning in bed, sleeping because I stayed up late last night writing an assignment. I didn’t get home from work until past seven, because of several reasons, one being that I’m a nice person – sometimes – and I did ‘overtime’ helping my boss prep for the next day, when no one would be in the kitchen to cook, so we were making sandwhiches, another reason being I have a crush on one of the bar staff that was working yesterday. This is new territory for me, because I don’t allow myself to get crushes on peopel, that sounds weird, but one day I just decided that crushing on people was taking up too much energy and not giving me anything, so whenever I developed ‘the feels’ for someone I thought didn’t like me back or was in some way inappropriate – on my own idea of inappropriate- then I’d… turn those feels off, but in this case, I have no idea if he likes me, in that way, back and apart from us working together it’s not that inappropriate, but in all honesty I don’t see anything coming out of it, but my boss wants us to ‘get together’ but I think that’s more for he ‘drama’ of it all that anything else.

Any ways that’s my small notice on my less than existent love life…

So any ways I’ve been vaguely obsessing over the Zelda gam which is set to release next year – finally. They’ve released a whole bunch of videos of gameplay and then there’s the offical trailer and now I’m just like, why can’t they be releasing it in time for Christmas, instead of next summer/spring time… why? and then I remember why it has taken them so long and I slightly binge watch gameplay videos, although I’m trying not to “spoil” the game for myself, because some of the fun is finding out all these nteresting new aspects yourself.

Although because it’s gong to be release on WiiU, that means having to get used to that consoles controller, since I have never used a WiiU before. I was going to get one, way back when this game was just called Zelda WiiU, but then I reconsided, because I thought I’d be able to buy them together as a package and sometimes they do fun extra items and posters and all that jazz in such pack deals, so I wanted to wait, now I’m thinking that won’t happen and I’ll end up having to buy a second hand WiiU, as supposedly they’re not making anymore, or something like that, I’m not sure what’s going on there, but I did just the preview trailer for the Switch and although I liked the look of it, I’m not all that bothered about getting it or anything.


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