Is that you? Or do I need to keep digging

So I was chatting with one of the ‘new’ guys on the bar today, during our smoke break, and he told me that he got excommunicated from the Catholic Church, when he was a teenager, so we of course ended up talking about the different ‘versions’ of Christianity and how as children our parents tried to get us to be religious and it just didn’t stick.

Up until this point, we’ve only had little conversations, so let’s call this a step forward in our work (friend) relationship, although now my boss is convinced that I’m into him. I mean I’m not not into him…

Any ways apart from a few out of place moments, today was the usual old scene, although because it’s Winter and getting darker earlier, I had to walk home in the dark, because I didn’t finish til five today and by then it’s dark, which was kind of weird and made me get a little lost in the wooded area I walk through, but I got free ginger cheesecake so… worth it.

I’ve got next weekend off, for a friends bday, which I’m going up to London – where she lives – for, so hopefully that’ll be fun, fun, fun and a reason to buy a new dress and shizz – it’s not like I have enough dresses as is.


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