I stumbled, so I’ll bumble

Just another day in the life of the average University student, who’s taken to bumble for some interaction…

and realising the power of make-up…


Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are. If you show up in a masquerade outfit, neither is going to happen – Henry Cloud.


So after my stint on tinder, which bore little to no fruit. I’ve decided to try bumble. It’s a little different from tinder, because the girl has to message first, although it has the same basic platform otherwise.

I don’t really enjoy writing bios for myself, I kind of find it hard, because… well for multiple reasons and then I don’t really like pictures of myself, so why I choose to try online dating is just… whatever. I mean I have some photos of myself that I like and my favourite at the moment, is where half my face is covered by a mask, which probably says something, but hey ho.

Any ways I’ll see where bumble takes me and if it doesn’t work out, nothing lost, nothing gained right?

So this week has started off… weird, I mean I’m meant to be back at Uni, as reading week is over, but I’ve sort of been playing hooky the last couple of days – I’ve missed so many lectures, it’s really bad, but I’ll catch up… I hope – I mean I go to my seminars and what not, but the lectures just don’t feel as important to go to anymore/ever, because I can just do them online and all that jazz. I guess you do get something out of going, although I tend to end up day dreaming, so I don’t – excuses excuses…

Any ways, now that’s I’m no longer looking at life in the grey shades – not anything to do with fifty shades, so if you thought that… go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done – I decided to get back to looking after my skin and all that jazz, or something like that, but I just bought a bunch, and by that I mean more than I should have considering I said I wasn’t going to spend anything really this month – that was a lie – on some beauty products. I’m not really all that bothered, about makeup. I mean I like using it but I’m way to lazy to wear it everyday or anything like that, although I think if I can haul my lazy ass out of bed early enough in the morning, before I go to work, I’m going to start wearing it to work more often, because there was a difference in the way people acted when I wore make-up at work.

Also I’m going back to contact, or something like that. I had a trial before summer and was meant to finish it over summer, but just didn’t, so now I’m having another trial. It was really weird when I went in for my trial – now I’m not trying to be vein here, because I was a mess when I went in – but the man who served me, as being really weird and sorta flirty.


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