All dolled up, but no one wants to go…

Just another night in the life of the average University student, who’s wondering if she’s just ruined a friendship, through unfulfilled great expectations.

So my friends came down yesterday, for a halloween style gathering. I was kind of glad that the friend that I’ve cut ties with couldn’t make it, but I was a little sad that it ended up being at my place.

Honestly it wasn’t the best night of my life, but not all nights can be great, some have to be… average or something like. I did have a… dip at which point I kind of wished, that it was a normal weekend and I had gone to work and all that jazz, which is probably sort of sad and all that jazz. But I just felt like it would have been… more productive ( I think I’m being a bit bitchy here). I mean we got dressed up, sat around and drank, made several type of food, drank some more, watched half a horror film, drank some more, did some stupid shit, drank and went to bed around midnight. It was normal.

Ah well, it’s not like I didn’t have fun and I got some free food out of it, so it’s not something to cry about or aything.

We’re all going to meet up again for one of their birthdays, this time in London. I have no idea how that’s going to work out, since one of our number, has anxiety about going on the tube and I think it’s not particularly easy to get places in London without going on the tube, but we’ll see, hopefully there will be some places we can go nearby and have a good time, I mean it is going to be a birthday celebration and all that jazz.

I think I might have hurt one of Bournemouth friends, by not inviting her yesterday, but I said sorry and I mean it, so I don’t think there is much I can do now. I didn’t think it would be right to invite her for several reasons, but I guess I’ll find out how bad the damage to our friendship is in the coming weeks. I hope everythings alright, but I know how it feels to feel like you’re being left out in the cold, so I wouldn’t blame her if she chose to loosen the ties of our friendship or something to that effect. Not that we’re really that close right now.

I think I’m just a bit melancholic today…

Any ways I’ve been watching a bunch of film trailers over the past couple weeks and I’m quite looking forwards to a bunch of them, such as Doctor Strange, which is coming to theatres next week:


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