Because I don’t care, you can do whatever you want with me…

Just another day in the life of the Average Univeresity who’s rejoicing that she’s not pregnant… again…

So I’ve been eating… ‘healthy’ recently. Well more like trying to eat healthy, but it’s going alright. I mean I haven’t quite got into eating lunch yet, but that’s to come. I mean having not eaten lunch for such a long time, it’s kind of hard to get back into it, you know?

Any ways I got this huge box of lovely dried shizz, from a health food store online, because I’m too damn lazy to leave the house and go outside to buy this stuff, also I couldn’t leave the house to buy this stuff, but let’s not go into that right now. Any who… right the point… I got myself some goji berries, because I remembered hearing ages ago that they were good for you. So the past couple days I’ve been eating them as a snack and with meals and all that jazz, then today I decided to find out why they were so ‘good’ for you. They’ve got all these vitamins in them and all that, but also if you eat too many you can get vitamin A toxicity, which I then looked up and was like, ‘ah shit, better stop stuff them in my gob’.

So today, has been normal. I bleached my hair again, I think this about the fourth to fith  – I can’t spell – time that I’ve done this now. I know so bad for my hair, but I also got this oil mask thing to try and save my hair, although to be honest it’s holding up pretty damn well, considering it wasn’t in the greatest condition to start with, so yeah… go hair or something like that.

Any ways before bleaching and masking – that’s a weird thing to say about hair – my hair, I decided to clean the kitchen while the rest of my housemates were out. One of them has gone home for our reading week, but I’m pissed at her, because she didn’t do her washing before she left – again – even though I asked her to do it and all that jazz – perhaps she being passive aggressive, or some shit. I just walked into the kitchen and was like I don’t want to touch anything and that pile of washing up has been there wer like a month – that’s probably not an exageration for some stuff – so I washed up most of the stuff, then cleaned the top of the oven and all the sides and then sweeped the mopped the floor, because stuff was sticking to my socks when I was walking around the kitchen. I feel like I’m the only one that cleans in there anymore and also the only one that does my washing up, basically everyday, it’s sort of annoying me, that everytime I come to the make something everything is dirty, because people can’t be bothered to wash up their shit. I mean they don’t have to do it everyday, but come on. I won’t care if it was just a couple pots and whatnot, but every pot and pan and all the cultery… just WHY?

I know I’m messy, but I guess I just have some consideration for the other people in the house, since one of my housemates said that the dirt was getting to her before, apparently not anymore.

But I’ve decided that I’m going to clean the entire house before my friends come this weekend, because everywhere is look… less than clean and I’m on a cleaning rave at the moment. Who knows how long it will last, so might as well make use of it. There’s not much else I can do, since I’m not working and I can’t do my University work until my supervisor gets back and all that jazz, so I’ve got nothing important to do.

I’m also still waiting for the last piece/s of my halloween costume to arrive and it’s driving me a little mad that they’re not here yet, as I have to do a bunch of stuff to them, to make my costume, even if I only wear it for five minutes out in the real world, it… might be worth it, we’ll see how this weekend goes.

Alright I realise this post is super/kind ranty – I vent all the time on here, don’t I? – but I’ve got mother nature to stay, so I’m getting pissed much… much… much more easily. It’s an unfortunate side effect and I wish I didn’t have to go through this every month – the bitch – but then sometimes I’m glad I have it, because it’s a monthly ‘you’re not pregnant’ flag.

So I told my friends what happened with my co-worker – the biting incident – and they were all so applauded that I couldn’t help but find it sort of funny, because to me, it was weird and all, but I kind of took it as… banter or something like that. Sure in different circumstances then things would have been different and maybe it was way I told the story, but whatever. Any ways I ended up recounting some of shizz that has happened while at work, to see how they’d react. Like when my co-worker – the same one that bite me – put my boss’s hand on my ass. I did get a compliment, of sorts out of it – she said it was ‘firm’ or something like that, I mean I haven’t worked out in forever, so I guess that’s a compliment. Anyways I started thinking about the amount of shit that goes down at my workplace and realised that a lot of stuff happens. I mean had a different mindset, then I could have reported so many people for so much shit, but since I just… don’t care, I guess is the right way to put it, I don’t feel the need to.


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