If not for the workplace romance

So yesterday was… interesting.

I was bitten twice by my co-worker. Once on the back of the neck and once on the shoulder. The first time I was just going about my job, drying the cultery and he comes up behind me and just bites me, then the second time I was sitting on his knee and he bite my shoulder. Alright that might sound a little weird that I was sitting on his knee, but I was trying to get something out of my sock, because some bits had flown into my shoe and made their way into my sock and he was helping me keep my balance, it wasn’t anything weird until he started biting me.

Yesterday was a super busy day at work, there was a bunch of walk in, so the people who had booked started getting annoyed, because the walk in got in first to get their meals and the people who had booked had to wait, plus there was this family with a bunch of not so well behaved children, who were running around and screaming and getting in people way, including mine, when I was rushing around trying to serve people their meal, then there was this table who decided they didn’t like their meal and asked for it to be exchanged for something else, which set the cook back a whole bunch, plus messed with her… flow so she got muddled up, then I kept dropped cultery when I was clearing plates, because I was rushing around, it was just a hetic day. So hetic we didn’t finished clearing up until about a hour after I usually leave.

Also while on break my co-worker told me and my boos that one of the other bar staff, was thinking about leaving his girlfriend and they took it upon themselve to guess why. Of course they then decided that it was because of me, well that he was leaving her for me, which is not something I want. I mean the guys really nice and sweet, but just doesn’t seem like my type, as far as I know him, bareing in mind we’ve only worked together a couple of time, then they were suggesting that I like the other guy on the bar. Alright I like his tattoos and piercing, but other than that… well he doesn’t talk too much, so I haven’t really got to know him, but I don’t think I would want to date anyone from work, because that could get messy really quick and I like working there.

Anyways I’ve got next weekend off for Halloween, because some of my friends are meant to be coming over, although whether or not that happens is a little up in the air right now, but hey, I’m still sorting out my costume, so I’m going to try and go out, even if they don’t come.

But I did say that if one of the other girls flakes, because apparently she’s not very reliable, that I’d step in this week, since I have the week off of University, as it’s reading week and all that jazz, which to me, just means sorting out my lastest assignment and doing my eithics for my dissertation, not really doing any outside reading. But if I did work it would mean that I’d have to work with the new guys and I’m not sure if I like him yet, we’ve only worked together twice and one of those times I nearly fainted, so I’m not sure what impression he has of me yet, but it’s all about the money, money, money.


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