All about the healthy

So I’ve been sort of starting a healthy eating diet… again.

I mean I bought all this ‘health’ food, so I thought why not try and keep this going all through being at university, instead of just in the spring/summer months, when I realise that I don’t like the way I’m eating. I’m not going to restrict what I can and can’t eat, well I’m going to try not to. Also today I tried my first taste of tree water, it was surprisingly good. I got some maple tree water and it tasted, although strange, good. Kind of sweet, which I was sort of expecting, since it is a maple tree, but yeah. Now I’m just waiting for the rest of my dried goods to arrive and them I’ll be set on the less than perishable goods for a while.

So for dinner, I decided to go a little ‘fancy’ and made stuffed pepper. I did look some recipes up online, but in the end I just made my own thing, with what I had in the fridge at the time and it turned out really well, combined with some vegetable and salad and I had a nice little meal for myself, full of all of natures goodness.

I’m also going to try and eat three meals a day, or at least the equivalent in food, because at the moment I’m only eating about two and I usually end up getting hungry.

It seems that I’ve dug myself out of my lack of motivation state and now, I’m actually getting things done… wish I could say the same about the people in my life, but I’m trying not to dwell on that right now and just think about what I need to do myself.


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