I first I didn’t want…

She never stopped to ask why he picked them up and carry them along with him. There was always a part of that was waiting for him to tire of having them around and leave them, but he didn’t.

She had never been to a city before and the vastness of it awed and frightened her. People bustled in every direction, having little care for where others were going, as they set about completing their own mission.

So today for the first time in my life, I almost fainted. There have been several times in my life were I have wished I would faint for one reason or anyother, mostly just to run away from the situation I was in, but hey ho this was not one of those times.

Today just hasn’t been the best of days,  but then it wasn’t the worst of days either. I went to work as per usual and things were getting hetic, because it’s a Sunday and sundays are always busy, but I was standing in the kitchen and suddenly I started to feel a bit off, I thought I was having a panic attack or something, because I was finding it harder and harder to breath, but then I started getting really dizzy and my vision was going black. Fortunately I didn’t faint, as just before I thought I was going to go, the chef told me to take out two plates, which I could hardly pick up, because my hands wouldn’t grip, but I managed it and run them out, once I was out there it was like a slap in the face, I mean I didn’t feel instandly better, but I didn’t feel like I was going to faint anymore.

Although I was still dizzy and sort of out of it, so I told my boss and she asked if I wanted to go sit down, which I probably should have done, because at this point my feet felt like they were on fire – but that’s something else – and I still wasn’t feeling right, but being me I refused and continued working, so she made me drink something sweet, which made me feel a lot better. I’m not sure what it was, since I’ve never felt like that before. It could have just been low blood sugar or the heat of the kitchen, because I was sweating like made at the time, although I didn’t feel all that hot.

After that everyone was all ‘you feeling alright?’ ‘you feeling better?’ and stuff like that, since they’re all nice people.

I guess it was rather fortunate I didn’t listen to the little voice in my head, which was telling me to soldier on without telling anyone that I was feeling faint.

Anyways on my way home, after being told to leave a little earlier than usual by my boss, which I accepted, because I wanted to get off my feet, I decided to sit in a park area and eat the bag of rainbow drops, my boss had given me as a present that morning, because she thoughtful like that and after that I didn’t feel at all nausious or out of it anymore, although my feet were still killing me, I think I need to get new shoes to wear to work, especially if I want to pick up extra shifts like I did this week – worked both saturday and sunday, instead of just sunday this week, because one of the other staff members broke his arm and therefore couldn’t work, but he’s back next week.

Although thinking about it this week hasn’t exactly been the best week of my life. I’ve just been a bit out of it all week. I mean at the start of the week I thought I was on a down and that explained the less than thereness of myself, but now I’m just not sure what’s going on, my boss suggested I might have something and I think she could be right, I mean I still have a head ache and I’ve been sniffly and coughing all week and just feeling weak all the time, part of me is hoping that I am just sick and will get over this soon and there part of me is hoping that I’m not because I hate being sick, I mean I don’t think many to anyone likes being sick, so yeah…


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