Stripping, between dye strokes…

She had watched the other leave and knew now there was little she could do to stop from having to go with whoever he told her to. No matter how much they cried and pleaded he turned a blind eye and their cries fell on deaf ears. He only smiled when he was paid and then he smiled brightly. Joy filling his face as he stared down at the coins, before slipping them into a pouch around his waist.

So I’ve been trying to strip the colour out of my hair since yesterday afternoon. I was meant to go into university, but after a little something something happened, I decided to just read the lectures online and try and remove the colour from my hair instead. I also helped my housemate dye her hair, green and blue. I’m just hoping that it turned out alright, since I haven’t seen what it looks like yet, because she off shooting a mock advert for yohurt all day today.

I also decided I’m actually going to try a little for halloween this year, well not really halloween because that’s on a monday and people will probably be too busy with stuff to do anything with the likes of me, so more like the weekend before halloween.

I was buying a bunch of stuff on ebay and I came across this Kaneki ken cosplay mask and was just like ‘I must have it’ because I do love tokyo ghoul, although I’ve only watched the anime at the moment and still haven’t finished watching it, because it’s not all that easy to get in good quality with english.

Any ways I then went looking and found all these female cosplay versions of him, so I think I’m going to do my own budget version of that, I mean it’s vaguely scary for it works for halloween, although sadly I can’t really afford a good wig, so I’m just going to go with my own hair. I mean I could bleach the shit out of my hair, till it was super light blonde, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to put my hair through that, as I’m treating it with a lovely coconut hair conditioning protein pack, after the vitamin C mix I put on it yesterday, which super dried out my skin and my scalp still feels tight even now, but I’m hoping this pack will reverse any problems I’ve done to my hair.

I’ve been feeling really unproductive recently. There is stuff I should be doing, but I’m not. Oh well I guess it’s not super important stuff, so it doesn’t matter that much that I haven’t do it, which is probably why I haven’t done it, but hey, this semester has felt weird so far.


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