For Once I will not abandon it…

The moon was full, shinning bright cold light into the room. Eliminating the devastation before the girls eyes.
She stared almost lifelessly at the man’s body.
Lying on the old clumpy mattress of the bed, where only moments ago she had lain. Her breath coming short from her lips, as andrenaline swam through her veins.
His dull lifeless eyes, stared down at her; Wide with shock and fear. The light of the moon reflected in them, as if to veil the cruelty of their gaze.
The drying blood still glistened on his lips, deep as night a small token of a reminds, of deaths gift to her.

So while I wait from some feedback on The Eater, I decided it was prudent to start the Prequel – I mean got to think to the potential future, even if I don’t get an agent I’m still going to self-publish then and then I think it would be nice to be able to slowly bring out the books or something like that, even if they’re not popular, just getting them out there is something, right? – The Child of Despair, at least that’s the title for now. Originally I was thinking of writing the sequel first, then the prequel after that, but once I finished The Eater, I thought it would be better to explain some things before continuing the story, so that the reader can get more invested in the character or something like that. I’ve tried to make that clear in the first Chapter – that it’s a prequel not a sequel.

Although I’m not sure about the plot line for this one, if I got into detail then it’s probably going to be too long and have to chopped into two different Novellas, because I don’t want any of them to be anything other than Novella – no Novella right now. Then there’s the potentially two sequel books and the one putting a proper explanation the first sequel, although I guess that doesn’t necessarily have to be it’s own book, but I would like it to be, but I think I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I’ve only finished one and here I am planning the next – potentially – five others. Sure it’s good to plan, but I think I’ll try and get through these two at the moment and then worry about the sequels when we get there or something like that, I don’t have to overload myself, I haven’t been paying enough attention to my dissertation, because I’ve been focused on this at the moment.

Although now I don’t have anything – pressing, because of my own self imposed deadlines – to write, I’m feeling strangely restless, that’s why I decided to start The Child of Despair – the more I say it, the more I think it doesn’t sound completely right, but maybe that’s just the repetition effect.

Other than that day has been pretty mundane. Nothing too exciting or anything. Just another ordinary day, filled with writing reading and other such activities befitting an average University student… That bit at the top is an extract from The Child of Despair: Chapter One.

Honestly the Novellas seem to be the only thing I’ve reallybe focusing on of late and I don’t really want that to stop in a way – so look forward to more of this.


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