Dying hair with Ice-cream celebrations…

So I’ve finally finished.

I gave myself the deadline of finishing my the end of this week, well by the end of September and I really just put my head down today and powered through. It was good. I got it all done and out there, now just to polish it up and all that jazz. I’ve got to cut forteen words to keep it to the forty thousand word limit, but hey I don’t think that will be too hard.

Any ways as a sort of treat because I finished and also because my other housemates – the couple, the other ones in London at a Disney interview for their summer program at the moment – were going, I decided to go to Sprinkles and get some yummy yummy ice-cream – yay!

I was just going to get a bit drunk, but I’ve got lectures tomorrow morning, so yeah, best not I guess, although with my sleep record, I might not even make it in tomorrow any ways, haven’t got up early in a while, I’m being too much of a night owl for that shit.

But so me and the other girl housemate, got into talking about hair dying on the way back and now she’s thinking of dying her hair – yay for her – and I’m thinking about changing the colour of my hair, since the colours coming out any ways and I wanted to change it and since the landlady got use a new better shower head now, I can actually do it, without having to stand in the shower forever to get the leftovers out, but I’m thinking about trying a new brand, Manic Panic. We were watching some of their videos and all that jazz and they look pretty damn good so far, might do a bit of research myself and also see about the price, because I still have some Live and Directions dye left, so I should probably use that up before buying more, but I only really have blue and I’d like to go a different colour, maybe red or purple or something in that region. But I’ve got to get the blue I’ve got in at the moment out first.

I also got my e-juice yesterday, so I’ve been vaping today, although I’ve still been smoking as well, just less and less. But my old workplace called me during lectures and I decided to take my old job back, sort of. I mean I’m just working Sundays at the moment, but from what I know they might want me for more days. I mean I might still look for other jobs, but I’ll probably just stick with them, money is money after all. I mean they only pay minimum wage, so it’s not much, but still better than nothing.

Any ways apart from all that I’ve just been messing around and all that jazz, trying to sort something out for Halloween with the friends from back home, but that’s not going amzingly, but then with them nothing ever does run the smoothest path and even if nothing happens with them, they’ll probably be stuff going on here in Bournemouth over the Halloween weekend, because Halloween itself just has to be on a Monday this year and I just have to have lectures that week, because reading week is a week early this time around – annoyingly. I got cute cat ears recently, just because, so I’ll probs be a cat again this year, nice and easy.


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