Traditional over Modern, when the pseudonym has been found…

She shuddered at the sound of her own name. It felt wrong to hear it spoke by some strange person, in the heart of the Capitals castle, with smooth stone covered by soft carpet under her feet. The only normal thing about this was the danger, the feeling of the unknown lurking in her future.

So everyone has moved in and next week my university course starts… everything going to happen, or something like that.

I went to a friends place over the weekend. I was only planning to stay for an evening and ended up staying for a day, so yeah that happened…

Also I’ve been spending an large amount of my time looking into getting an agent, but it seems that first I’m going to have to finish my Novella, which makes sense, how are they supposed to market something that they don’t have, but I’ve been compiling a list of agents who I think might be interested, since I’ve given up on self-publishing… for now. I mean I know it’ll be too much for me at the moment, especially with University work and a job on top, when I do get a job, which will hopefully be soon. Also while going through the process of putting together all the things that agents want to see when you submit to them, I decided on what I think I want my pseudonym to be. It took me less time than I expected, me being sort of picky about my character names and all, you would think that I would be picky about what people could call me – hopefully in the near future.

But apart from that it’s all been job hunting and it’s not going good, but then it’s not going badly. However if by some chance of fate, I finish my Novella and it sells well, then perhaps I won’t have to worry about finding a job, as much as I am right now. But that’s a long shot I guess.

Right I think I’m going to update the page with my work on and put up part of my Novella, because I haven’t done much too it recently.


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