The way forwards, is hindered by…

Monsters shrouded in black vapour encircled her. Their stares boring into her, as if they were staring right into her soul. They voices chanted from unseen mouths, a hollow echoing through the room, like the war song of a some tremendous army, readying for war. But somehow she didn’t feel any fear, an emptiness had consumed her, as if all that made her her, all that made her real had felt her. Flown away with the essence that was spilling from her body.

Blood, her blood was pooling on the floor around her feet, making them sticky and wet. She stared down at it for a moment, passively observing like an outsider, devoid of attachment to her own body.

(^ Extract from my Novella in process ^)

So I watched the trailer for the new fifty shades film – Fifty shades darker. At first I didn’t know that they had changed director and stuff, because well I don’t keep up with fifty shades news and all that jazz. The only way I actually knew about the trailer, is because another blogger I follower talked about it.

The trailer look similar but different from the last film. I mean when I saw it it just seemed like there was something different artistically I guess, but now I know why.

Any ways. I was meant to be going to a job interview this morning, but in the end they filled it before my interview, it does seem a little odd, asking for someone to come in then filling it the day you asked them, but hey oh, I remaid persistently optimistic or something like that. Plus I’ve been filling my time – that isn’t spent with dissertation research, job hunting and writing – with looking up publishing information, such as when I first starting writing the Novella – I keep going on about this, but it’s a big thing for me at the moment – I was intending to self publish, now I’m not so sure, so I looked up some smaller publishing places, because I don’t have an agent and I don’t know anything about getting one, or think I have the time, ability and several other things, to get one right now. So yeah I’ve been looking at getting myself publishing down the traditional route, but without an agent and I have found some places, so now all I need to do is finish the damn Novella and I’m set to start sending stuff about – and probably get rejected, although if that happens too many times, I might end up just self-publishing in the end anyways and get the father to help edit and what not…

It’s just after my research about promotion of self published books, I decided that I probably won’t have the time over the next year, especially if I get a job, to actually do anything good promotion for the book and then it would have a lot less chance of selling and all that jazz, plus if I go through a publishing, I get a hard copy, although I sort of assumed it would be paperback… but you know what I mean. I know you can get hard copies of your books sold through amazon, but that’s just more work, stress and time I would have to put into this, when I should be stressing, spending time and working on my University shit – which I still haven’t got a timetable for, even though it was meant to be up on the 09/09/16.

But any ways in hopes of getting some editing and feedback, I’ve sent what I’ve got of the Novella – 30,972 words – to the father, via email. I’m hoping he’ll like it, because it’s sort of the genre he reading, although he’s not my target audience, but hey feedback is feedback, last time I gave him the first couple chapters – all I had – and he was kind of vague in his response, like he liked it, but there was something else going on.

Well apart from all that jazz, my week has been pretty dull and ordinary. Things are going well with the house mates, which is great. I think we’ve sort of worked each other out, although there’s going to be a whole shift when the next house mate arrives, plus we’re going to have to work out the fridge, because it’s full at the moment and there is only the three of us here, plus there is only three draws in the freezer, but we’ll work it out. Or the next house mate will start acting super passive aggressive with all of us and the next 10 or so months of living with her, will not be nice. I don’t think she’s the type to say anything, but the I can really get like that sometimes – got kind of passive aggressive with the flatmate last year, by the end of the year, but that was because nothing changed when I did say something, so hey I tried.

Well see how things go…

Any ways here’s that trailer, you can watch if you want and judge me for doing so if you want as well…

And on a more childish note:

Yay new Beauty and the Beast live action adaption… I know this has been done before, but hey…


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