The wrong fourth

So one of the couples friends has come to stay, because she can’t get the keys for her place until a certain date. I’ve yet to actually really interact with the girl, but so far she seems nice.

I’ve been trying to get my research done for my dissertation and also look for a job, so I’ve sort of been spending most of my time in my room… Perhaps not the greatest idea for making friends with my housemates, but the last time we hung out it was… slightly awkward. Well we made pancakes and that was all good and fun, but then we all just sat in the living room on our phones not speaking to each other and there was this awkward… vibe coming from them, well him. Perhaps it’s because they’re together and I’m a stranger and all that jazz. Perhaps it’ll all just be fine and dandy with time. Perhaps I should be more… imposing and just go push myself into their lives – that’s not very me though.

Any ways… hopefully I’m getting close to finishing my Novella. I only have just over 10,000 words left in my self imposed word limit, so yeah… hopefully it’s nearly done. Then it’s just a matter of all the other crap that needs doing… cover, promotion and all that jazz. With that all done, I will hopefully be getting in some money, honestly the best I’m hoping for is a steady stream of one book bought every so couple days or every week. But I don’t think that will happen. I think these sorts of things, it’s more a bunch bought when the promotion first goes out and then one every now and then, unless it becomes super popular or something – but one can dream, can they not?

Speaking of books, I just finished reading The House of Stone by Amy Ewing. I read the first book in her series – The Jewel – after the first chapter was given to me, at the Mockingjay premier and ended up buying the book, because I thought the premise was interesting and all that jazz. Now I’ve also bought the second – or third – book in the series The White Rose, although I haven’t started it yet, because I’m still reading Burnt at the moment.



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