Three fish in a tank…

So I am now living with 2 of my housemates. Two down one to go. It’s the couple that have moved in, so I was a little worried about being the third wheel and all, but we had a good time last night, playing drinking games and the rest, so I think it’s going to be alright.

There both nice people and we’ve got some similar mindsets and what not, so now it’s just about getting used to living together. At the moment I’ve sort of been being antisocial during the day, since I don’t want to be the imposing third wheel, plus I’ve got to knuckle down and get some stuff done for my dissertation and all that jazz.

But we’ve hung out in the evenings and all that jazz. So I’m sort of assuming that’s going to become a things. Doing our own things during the days, then hang out in the evening – we’ll see how things go. But so far so good…

Alright there is a part of me regretting getting a place with a pair of strangers who are also a couple, because of the whole third wheel things, but it’s not a big part of me, just this little tiny part.

Any ways apart from that I’ve been having a pretty simple life back here in Bournemouth. Had to go to the hospital again today, due to the eye and went down to the beach. It’s sort of weird being here, without having classes or something to fill the time.

I mean I have got a bunch of writing done, even though I’m not too sure about whether or not I like what I’ve written. I’ve giving myself a new word limit of 40,000, as that’s the word limit for Novella, after that I guess it’s just classes as a Novel. Although I have been thinking about the next Novella, which will follow this one, well in all honesty it more like the next 3 or so Novella, which will follow this one.


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