The 4th move of the year…

So the other day I found out that in his teens, an organization, which many refer to as a cult tried to get the father to join them. Although he describes it, as being during their boom time, so they just grabbed people off the street at random – more or less. He didn’t join, but did take their test. He didn’t tell me what they said about the results, I’m not sure if he even remembers himself, I don’t think this was an event in his life he thinks about all the time or something.

Any ways, so I’ve moved into the new place down in Bournemouth. Unfortunately it’s not quite what I was expecting, although fortunately I didn’t remember it right in the way it looked. It’s a lot bigger than I remember and the bathroom is a lot nicer. Our landlady also – for some reason – provided us with pots/pans, cups and other such things. Not many of them, but still. It also has a nice little garden out back and is opposite a Lidl, which I am going to go shopping at once the guy – who I’m going to be living with – arrives. I have to wait around for him, because he doesn’t have a key, but I’m kind of thinking I might just go and then hope he doesn’t turn up while I’m out, it’s not like I’m going too far or will take that long or anything and the place isn’t open all day.

Also the houses electricity run of this key thing, which I’ve never had one of them before, so I had to go and top it up. It’s pretty simple once it’s been explained and I’m hoping we won’t need to put too much money on each month, but we’ll see how things go.

But yeah, also at the moment we don’t have wifi, so I’m borrowing the wifi from the cafe next door. Myself and the father went in there yesterday, he was hungry and the place looked nice – since I have no food in the house really – and he asked about the wifi, so I tried it when I got back and it works. Best in the kitchen, but I can get it in the room. So alls good.

So mainly I’ve just been getting everything sorted out in my room and the kitchen and chilling. My rooms at the front of the house, so I get a lovely view of the parking lot and the back end of Lidl. It’s kind of noiser here, being next to a main – sort of – road and all, but I didn’t really have any trouble sleeping or anything, guess I’m used to the noise, from living in Bristol or whatever.

Also of course, I’ve started the horrible task of looking for a new job, there is a big job advtertisment on the side of Lidl for shop assistents and something else, but I’m not sure if that would be something I’d be any good at, although I’ll probably still apply, since it’s right there and all. All the other jobs I can find so far are in the centre of Bournemouth, which is about an hours walk away, not wonderful really. I mean I think I could get a bus, but that would mean spending money and I’d rather not at the moment, since this year is going to the a bit more tight on money, because my student loan when down again. They really do seem to be making it so that only rich kids will want to go to University. If the father wasn’t supporting me, once again I would not have enough money to pay rent – such fun.


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