2017 Now has to be better Than 2016…

So I just found out that they released the official name for the new legend of Zelda game, which is set to release next year – well there’s a little lack of consensus on when it’s going to be released, some places say end of this year (like right at the end) and some say start of next year and some just say 2017, so it’s a little unclear – they also released an offical trailer for the game, which made me real excited – of course.

I can’t wait for it to be release, although if it is released at the start of next year, then I won’t be able to play it until the summer time probably, because I’m not sure if we’ll have a TV at my new place in Bournemouth – guess I’ll find that out come september – and I’ll have to buy a Wii U.

But yes, I’ve been awaiting this for a while now and have blogged about it a few times – the frustration of thinking it’s coming out one year only to have it delayed to the next, but with the release of the title and a trailer, I think they mean business this time.

It looks pretty awsome if you ask me. I mean I know there going for this new idea, mix with the old Zelda themes things, but it looks like they’re add a whole bunch of new stuff to do, not just completely opening up the world and what not. However I’m hoping they’re not going to make it the same as A Link between worlds (3DS) game, as in you just go to this one place to buy items with not much story to them or having to work through dungeons to get them, because I liked that aspect, however I did enjoy playing that game, on the whole, so if they did it might be alright.

So there’s the trailer, from this the world they’re created looks pretty big, which I find rather exciting. Big world = More things to do. I’m not sure if they’re going to put a fairy in it or something else, as the ‘guide’. Perhaps there won’t be anything like that, but it would be fun if there was something new.

I also saw some stuff on facebook, which suggests that they’re going to include character from previous games in it. The wolf from Twilight princess – not sure how that’s going to work, but hope it’s fun – and the Korok from Wind Waker. Those guys are so cute, I’ll be glade to see them back again – hopefully.

Also I was looking at picture and this one came up

I thought it was kind of interesting how the graphics became more and more game like and less ‘realistic’ as time when on. Instead of the other way round. More I’ve said this because, I’m not really into the really ‘realistic’ looking games, I like my pixelated games and what not, so I’m all good with the current look. I think it can take something from the game, if the makes spend too much time on the graphics, rather than content, but that’s just my opinion. Plus I find this more visually pleasing for some reason – I just like my game to look like games.

Any ways on the subject of games, I was wandering around the app store, looking for some games to add to my phone, since it has the storage for them – my newer one, since the old one broke – and found this interesting one.

Now I’ve talked about Monument Valley – I’m going to start call Monument Valley MV from now on – several times on this blog – I’m sure – because I love it and wish they would make more like it, or more levels or something. So I found this game that had an MV feel, it’s a puzzle game like MV, with the same sort of controls and mystery – sort style – background story, which is fun. I’m not sure how many levels there are, but I’m hoping there are quite a few, so I can play this one for a while. It’s called Ghosts of Memories. I’m not sure how old it is, I’m guessing not that old. You can get a free demo to try and then the actual full game is £2.99 – I kind of sound like I’m promoting it or something.

Any ways on to other subjects… My supervisor got back to me and she agreed to let me ‘do my own thing’ so yay for that!

This summer I wanted to get my driving licence, but with everything going on I haven’t been able to – I haven’t done a lot of what I wanted to do this summer. So I started looking for places and realised that realistically I won’t be able to have lessons and take the tests in the time I have left here, so now I’m thinking about looking in Bournemouth and doing it over September, when I don’t have lectures and what not. Hopefully I’ll be an alright driver and pass first time sort of thing, I mean I’ve driven a car before, but not on a main road or anything, so we’ll see. I just have to talk to the father about it, because I can’t afford to pay myself and he did say he would, but whether he will keep his word/ can keep his word, is a whole other story.

Any ways onwards or something. Recently I’ve been drinking more and more… trying to keep my mood up I guess, which is not exactly a good thing now is it?

My friend finally got back to me about coming here and she’s not – just like the cards predicted. It’s looks like I’m going to be on my own from now til I leave for Bournemouth and then whenever the housemates move in, which is looking bad. At the moment the rooms are first come first served, so that’s not fun, since the father is sort of refusing to take me down on the first, meaning I’m going to end up in the tiny tiny room. I know selfishness, but whatever. The others are being just as selfish as I am, as far as I can see. Since I think it would be fair to make the smaller room pay less and also if one of the couple took that room, since… you know, but refusal. I do understand why – sort of.


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