Thank you for the enterance…

The old man continued to stare at her sipping, his own cup of tea and prattling on about nothing important. But the look in his dark eyes told her that he knew exactly what was happening to her.

For some reason she felt less scared now than she had before, a sense of calm had fallen over her. She knew she was going to die, at least part of her did, but something deep inside her was saying something else. A little voice was whispering about the life she still had to live, taunting her with the impossible unknown.

Welcome dearly beloved…

Alright I have no idea what possessed me to write that, but hey…

So this is a small thank you in some sorts of ways, as well as a potentially breif recap of my weekend – ncluding thursday.

The thank you is to, my followers. Although there may not be a lot of people that find anything on my blog interesting enough, that they think they want to know when I post again, to those of you that do follow, thanks. I know I sometimes go on about, how I don’t think anyone actually reads this blog and other slightly depressing crap, but hey I’m just not very self confident – all the time.

But yeah, let’s discuss this weekend;

So as I said in an earlier post I went down to the Shire on Thursday to meet up with friend, go out for dinner and meet the new boyfriend of one of my friends – who goes to University in Liverpool. This all sort of happened, a few people couldn’t make it and some unforseen people turned up. As I arrived early to the Shire, me and one of my friends – let’s call her E – went Golfing, a lot of the time it ends up being me and E doing stuff together because everyone else can’t make it for some reason or another and this weekend wasn’t too much different.

So we all had a lovely meal, then stuff went wrong. We were meant to be meeting people on the Fiday to go camping, but there was no plan in place because people needed lifts. So E took charge in the end, telling people to meet us at a certain time in a certain place. Slowly one by one people began to drop out for one reason or another, until I had no idea who was and wasn’t coming anymore.

By friday afternoon me and E – who I was staying with – had gotten kind of annoyed at everyone and she suggested we went on a drive, so we weren’t just sitting around waiting for messages from people, s we did and we had a great day.

We went to a Castle, a hedge maze and a butterfly zoo. Going aroud the hedge maze we had a little race which I won, only by about  minutes, but still… Then in the butterfly zoo we spent about half an hour trying to get them to land on us, then these two really big ones, about the size of both my hands together, started chasing me around the room.

So in the end we had a good time. Oh and we spent a significant part of the day looking for a place to pick our own strawberries, in the end we just bought freshly picked ones, because we couldn’t find a place, but on the way we met a rather rude old man. We had gone the wrong way and ended up at a dead end surrounded by houses – you know the streets that go nowhere – and so E was doing a three point turn in the road, so we could leave easily and this old man – who wasn’t wearing a shirt – came up to us, thinking it was something important E rolled down the window a little and the old man says “It’s amazing how many people can’t reverse” then when E starts to ignore him and finish her turn, he says “that’s why I hate people turing here”.

I mean why? Why?! I just don’t get why he felt the need to come over and say that, we weren’t going on his driveway or crushing his flowers or making any sort of nausance of ourselves, we were just leaving. It just seems like he went out of his way to be rude.

E told me o the drive back that she had really wanted to say back “It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to wear a shirt” but held it in, because she’s something of a nice person.

Any ways Saturday morning, E managed to book us a canoeing place, so we joined up with another friend – let’s call her H – and went canoeing for the afternoon. It was fu we stopped on the riverbank and had a picnic. Although H’s driving is not fun, she either goes fast or stops, there is no inbetween with her. Although I can’t say much, I don’t have my license yet – soon I will get it soon.

After canoeing and almost getting run over by a boat, because it literally made a b-line for us, we headed back to E’s for cocktails.

The electricity went while we were siting around and her cooker is electric, so we couldn’t make dinner. But in the end we fried everything and hoped for the best – honestly it wasn’t too bad, but I was glad when it came back and we had cheesy chips.

Today has been quite dull. I spent most of the afternoon on the train, coming here to Bedford, since I got the wrong ticket and so the wrong time and had to sit on the platform for an hour, but I read my book, so all is good.

Speaking of books, I’ve been writing… a lot and I think I might be able to meet my new self imposed deadline of finishing my current novel by September/mid september time. I even went as far as to ask a friend – who did art at A-level and now does sculpting at University – if she would be willing and able to do the cover art for it. I know there are services and stuff, but if I can get something good for free, then why not and if the book takes off – which I’m not too sure it will, with my lack of publicizing skillz – then I’ll give her a cut and of course credit for the artwork.

The father said he’d proofread it for me, which I’m always in nee of, because I hate editing and proof reading and all that. So spelling mistakes can run rampent in my work.

By the way, the bit at the top of this post, is an extract from said novel.

So I’ve also added a new page to my blog. It’s a contact page, so if you do happen to come along and want to contact me for one reason or another – I would love to hear from you – then head over there and drop me a comment or five.



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