Out, In, Out, Up, Up, Down, Down…

So me and a friend went down to Manchester for the weekend.

It was fun, tiring and slightly hectic at moments, but overal a good weekend.

We were meant to be staying in a student house the father has down there, but once we got there we realised just how empty and far away from everything it was… not exactly the greatest place to be staying when you want to go on a night or two out and about, so in the end we only stayed there one night and went to my brother and his girlfriends place instead. Which was way nicer…

Since Manchester is quite a bit bigger than me and my friends stomping ground, we did end up getting a little lost when we went out on Saturday, but we had a good time all the same, ending up taking an uber to Gorilla and managing to get in for free, when it was a ticketed event, of course we didn’t really realise this until, we went outside to smoke, then tried to get back in and were rejected at the door, due to it being a ticketed event, but we were in there for a few hours, so we still had a good time before that, although once that happened, we decided to call the night quits and head home, walking in the wrong direction to get there and ending up using uber again – Uber is really useful.

We were planning on going out Sunday, but after some talking a walk around the shops, so dramatic reading of Grey – the book from Christian Grey’s point of view, which my brother’s girlfriend had on the shelf – we decided to have a quiet night in and just eat pizza, drink and watch TV mostly, then headed home on the Monday, went back to my friends place, messed around with her brother and watched all of the Hobbit films, well the last 2 – while making inappropriate jokes about deflowering her brother, because we were lying on his bed and it was fun to make him squirm…

Any ways all in all a fun weekend and me and the friend decided we definitly going to go to Nozstock, so I’m gunna have to send her some money – god money I hate the stuff sometimes – for that, but it looks like I have every weekend booked for the rest of the Month this month, which is sort of weird I guess… But also nice, although sometimes I feel sort of like a nomad with all the travelling around I’ve been doing and even when I get back to the Bristol place, it doesn’t feel like home or anything just another place to sleep or something to that effect – ah well life goes on and we survive or something like that. But hopefully by next weekend I’ll have my own space in the new house and can finally unpack and start looking for a job…


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