I can skip the que, because that’s what you taught me to do

You can hate me for who I am,
For all I am is human,
And all that human even was,
Is death personified in the land of Oz.

So I’ve been away, staying with friends again. A different one this time, which was nice, new experiences and all that jazz.

Me and the girls, had a little party on Thursday evening, which turned into a condom party adn no that actually isn’t anything sexual. We just filled condoms up with water and hit each other with them, fortunately none of them poped that night, althoughthe friend I was staying with did go on to hit her brother with one and two popped in his room, one on his floor and the other on his bed, which I was lying in at the time and some of the water got on my face – it was not a wonderful moment in my life.

Any ways me and the two friends I went to Lanzarote with, ended up going to Godiva festival. It was fun, but not quite what we were expecting, so we only stayed for one day in the end. So most of my weekend was spend filling the hours with laughs, wandering through nature, smoking and doing circle magic. I introduce the friend I was staying with to circle magic.

It didn’t quite go to plan, there were a couple mishaps, but it was all fun in the end and we had a sort of heart to heart that night, which was nice.

All in all a nice weekend and we’re planning to go up to Manchester this weekend coming. Just for a little girls night out. At the moment it’s just the two of us, but other people might join, we’re not sure, but if they don’t, we’ll that’s sad for them. At this point I think everyone is resigned to the fact that not all the normal gang will be able to do everything. I imagine I’m going to be missing a lot of stuff, once I’m based in Bedford, because that’s quite the commitment to go from there and although I’m not one to want to miss out – most of the time – I get that people do not put their lives on hold for me.

One of my friend is getting a little upset, because, as I eliquently put it, ‘She loves her boyfriend, but is not in love with him’. So now she wants to break up with him, but doesn’t know how to. She doesn’t want to hurt him, because she still would like to have him as a friend, but she’s also developed a crush on some other guy, so there’s that guilt weighing on her. This is why I’m sometimes glad I’m a commitmentphob, because I don’t see this sort of situation happening to me any time soon – but then again you never know – most of the time when I want to break up with someone, I just ghost them til they get the picture, but I guess I’ve never loved them, so it’s completely different for her.




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