Flyng high, waiting to fall even higher

So at the start of last week me and some friends headed on our adventure to Lanzarote. Almost 2 weeks later and I’ve only just got back to Bristol. I was meant to come back on Tuesday, that did not happen. In the end I came back tomorrow for a quick hello with the father, than I’m on my own. After almost 2 weeks in constant company of someone else – one of my friends, as I was staying at her place – it’s sort of weird being alone again and sleeping in a room alone as well, not that my bed saw much – to any – action and as they say girls just want to have fun.

I guess before I get into all that, I should probably address the EU referredum that we just had… I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t vote and I’m a little dissappointed with myself for not doing it, but I was travelling most of the day and by the time I got back to the house, I just wanted to sleep, so that’s what I did. Not much of an excuse I know, but hey in the end my vote wouldn’t have done much. We’re out of the EU, well the majority voted out. Honestly I wasn’t even sure of the outcome when I got up and check the interweb this morning; I was like ‘oh yeah what happened with that’. Time of the shit storm, there was defidently going to be one no matter the outcome, because both sides were going to get mad if the outcome didn’t swing there way and that’s what’s happening.

Any ways I’ve probably said before that I don’t pay the right amount of attention to politices, because it mostly makes me want to pick up a gun and go an assasinate some people and since I’m not really in the mood to die or go to jail right now, I shy away from the whole subject, then again the side effect of my insanity, that makes he feel… disconnected from everything and everyone a lot, helps with the not caring the way I should about the big political matters of the day. However I couldn’t and in the end didn’t really run from this one, but everything over when it comes to the democractic side of all this, next it will be the government, probably not doing what they said they were going to do, because that seems to be their stick and then people getting mad, but maybe this will turn out alright, maybe the leave side had some points about certain things and there will be good coming out of this, that’s all we can hope for – let’s make the world a better place and all that jazz.

Right I’m moving off this subject before I start ranting or something. So I’ve been trying to get my friends to do more things this summer. I mean I could start going solo and doing things by myself, but I feel like that probably wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to, unless I’m on an up, so convincing my friends is the way to go. However it’s not going that well, since my friends have job and stuff and they’re not very willing to take days off or because we’re all students they don’t have the money, which I’m not blaming them for or anything, but it’s annoying when I do have the money to do these things, but no one else has. I think I need to make some friends that want to the same things as me, not that I don’t love my friends or anything, it’s just… frustrating sometimes and I should probably work on doing things by myself a bit more…

Any ways… we’ll see how the summer goes, I mean I’m going to have to shed some cash to go and meet up with them, because they all basically live on the other side of the country to Bedfordshire, although they have said that they would visit, I’m finding it hard to believe them somehow, maybe I’m just being pessimistic, but with our history, it can get hard not to be pessimistic.

I’m thinking about taking another trip like I did for my birthday, I might invite my friends this time though, but I’m not going to let it, sort of, hindge on them or anything like that, more like I’m doing this if you want to come, then come, if not that’s cool too, but I’m going – as my friend likes to say now, goodbye Felicia.

So I was meant to get my first tattoo on Thursday, but I sort of chicken out of it. Honestly I just wanted to get back here and all that jazz, so I decided to postpone, but I’ve also


made the decision, that if I don’t get it done, with my friends, before the father finishes moving into the house in Bedford, then I’m going to go to the one done the road from the Bedford house and get it done there, since I’m only looking to get a semi colon for my first tattoo, I’m not too bothered about the styles that the artists there do, because I know their work is nice – see it online – although some of it isn’t the style I would want for one of my bigger pieces, so I might not go back to get much else there, we’ll see and then while I’m there I can get some of my piercings done as well, maybe.



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