Peel back the skin and look right in

You think you know someone, then when you look a little deep, peel back a bit of their shell, you see someone completely different from the person you thought you know.

Even an acquaintence or someone you never really had too much contact with, you have an idea in your mind of who that person is. You understand that there more, but when you do something, something out of character, it’s still shocking.

I found out yesterday, that an old classmate of mine has been jailed for pedophilia. He got 4 years in prison, for grooming and distribution of child porn. It really shocked me, sure we haven’t really seen each other in a few years, but back when we were classmates, I won’t have thought he was that sort of person.

You never know what’s going on inside someones head. What dark secrets they hide behind their clean white smiles.

Any ways on a light note, I spend 3 days with the friend this week. It was only meant to be 2, but I missed my train so stayed for an extra one and when to see Me before you – it was so sad, I actually cried, which is something I don’t usually do in cinemas.

We had a cocktail party and a day down by the river, which was all fun fun fun and now I might be going to get my first tattoo the wednesday after next. We got to talking about tattoos and the semi colon project and now we might get semi colon tattoos together. I’m not sure about placement right now, I mean the wrist seems like a good place, but I’m also thinking behind the ear, although that’s quite a hidden place and I want to be able to put it on display, then I was thinking fingers, but they’re meant to be one of the most painful places, so I’m just thinking it over and I wanted to be my butterfly tattoo to be my first one, but that’s going to be a lot bigger than the semi colon, so I was thinking start small and all that jazz.


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