Can you love me, if I can love all of them?

So I came out to the father.

We were just sitting on the couch after dinner. He was working on his new app and I was messing with my phone and I turned to him and said “Erm dad, I have something important to tell you” there was some pausing at first, but in the end I told him. Just spat it out. He actually reacted how I thought he would, unemotionally and logically – I guess – he just asked me if I was dating anyone or planned to date anyone, so I just told him the truth, ‘that I’m not particularly looking right now’ and then we started talking about his new app and he showed me how it worked.

Well he did say he needed time to process the information – or something like that. But it was all… fine and dandy.

I mean I didn’t expect him to shun me or something. I expect he’s gprobably going to talk to his girlfriend about it, which I’m fine with. Mainly because he doesn’t really know anything about sexual orientation and all that jazz, not that she an expert or nothing, but she knows more than he does.

Well I can tick that off my to-do list. Now I just need to come out to my brothers and that’ll be the family members – I feel the need to come out to – done. Since I don’t really feel the need to come out to the rest of my family, since I don’t see them that often and if in the far off future I do marry someone who doesn’t identify as male or female, then I can explain or whatever then, I guess. I suppose what I’m saying is, my sexual orientation is not the most important thing about me and it doesn’t define me, it’s just part of who I am and if people want to know, I’ll tell them or if I feel they should know, like my family or my partner(s) and all that jazz.


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