Trying to move along, without them knowing…

Just another week in the life of the average university student…

So it was my last day of work last Sunday – oh the sadness. But honestly I’m going to miss those guys, perhaps I’ll go back and work there next September, when I make my return to Bournemouth – not that I’ve left yet – but then again my place is further away, so I’ll probably try and find something closer to the new house.

Unfortunately some of my summer plans have dissappated, but I’m not giving up. I know I’m going to try and learn to drive this summer, because I’ve been meaning to do that for year and just haven’t done it for one reason or the other. Then there’s all the tattoos and piercings I want to get. So at least I’ll have something to do over the summer. Of course I also want to get a part time job or something, what better way to meet people? Also I don’t want to spend all day inside doing next to nothing, although if the new Zelda game come out this summer, I will be spending hours and hours playing that, probably to the point that the father becomes mad, because he can’t use the TV to watch the shows he wants to and all that jazz. I’m both not and looking forward to living with the father again. I mean sure I love him and all that jazz, but I liked living alone, because I could whatever I wanted, without restriction really, which is why I wanted to live in one of his other places, but that probably won’t happen, they might let me stay in Bristol for a bit, if I help with the decorating and all that jazz.

I also had my first exam on Monday – not fun – it didn’t go horrible, considering the small amount of revision I did – I’m trying to do more for the next one, but it’s not working out so well. I mean it was a mutliple choice exam, so that made it easier, as I had cues to jog my memory, there were a couple I had no idea about, so I just guessed, to be honest all my answers were more or less educated guesses, but the next one if 3 essays, so no educated guessing there, plus it’s on my least favourite topic – bar EMSA, stats is not my strong point – Developemental, the second part is Clinical, which I’m alright at since, I’ve done it a bunch of time before, just less in depth and all that jazz. But I do not like Developemental and they keep making me do it – grrrr.

I’ve trying to pack as well, since I’m leaving for Bristol on Sunday, it was meant to be saturday, but the father pushed it back and day for a reason I longer remember. I guess it does give me one more day to pack. But I’m trying to pack descreetly, so my other flatmates don’t notice, because I still haven’t told them I’m leaving this weekend, at least one of them will be at work tomorrow and Sunday and the other doesn’t leave her room that often, so I think I won’t incure to many questions – hopefully…

I also have to find a way to fit everything all packed in my bedroom, because it’s kind of small and I want to be able to still work out in there. I might have to give that up for the weekend though, because the boxes with all my books are heavy as fuck.

Any ways with all the packing, I’ve had to take the posts and all that, which I had on my walls, leaving blu tack marks on the walls, unfortunately I’ve tried cleaning them off with water and a sponge, but that takes the colour off the wall more than anything else, so that’s a no go – I don’t think using any kind of chemical will work either, if waters removing the paint already – so I’m thinking of going to Wilko’s to get some paint and then just using that to cover up the stains, it’s unfortunate that the walls are so light, if they were a little darker, I don’t think the marks would have shown up so much – oh well, dropping a couple quid on a sample pot of paint ain’t going to kill me, I just hope I get the right colour, because the walls are this weird off white, yellowish sort of thing.

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