I may be blind, but I’ll drink you under

Just another week in the life of the average University student, who’s reconnecting…

So I got contacts on Wednesday.

Honestly I’ve wanted contacts for ages, but with my eye thing flaring up everytime I go to try them out, it just hasn’t worked out for me. But this time I HAVE CONTACTS!

I’ve been wearing them basically everyday since I got them, well I’m not wearing them today, but that’s because I don’t plan on going outside today, so if I really need to see things – far away – then I’ll just use the glasses. I know I’m such a shut in sometimes.

I wanted to get coloured contacts, like unnatural colours, but unfortunately where I’m getting them from at the moment, that is not an option. It’s probably for the best, because I think they would be really expensive and the second time I tried to put them in, I dropped 2 and I still find it hard to get them in, because they get court on my eye lashs – because I have such long and beautiful lashs, obviously – but yeah, it’s so weird being about to see everything clearly without the weigh of my glasses, I just end up staring at the sky and horizen and smiling, like the werido I am.

I also started couselling again on Wednesday – it was a busy day. My cousellor this time is an older women, she’s probably 60+ – I am terrible at telling people’s age btw.

She seems nice, I mean I think I liked the one I had before more, but hey it’s not like I cant talk to her, so I think I’ll get something out of it, she just doesn’t make me want to open up like the other one did.

Any ways… recently, well this month seems to be the month that old ‘friends’ try to reconnect with me.

I mean I’m going for drinks with a girl – on Thursday – who I thought didn’t really want to know me anymore and she contacted me about getting together. Is it wrong that I think it’s because University life hasn’t been what she thought and he rest of the group have been more or less ignoring her – I know they have, because they were talking about it, not in a mean way, but they didn’t know how to turn her down, so they just didn’t reply, which is mean, but hey…

But I agreed to go out for driks with her and not really out of the kindness of my heart or some desire to reconnect. Honestly I just wanted to go for a drink, because I can be a bit of a alki – I actually have no idea how to spell that, so hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Also I’ve been thinking about the future again, not the best thing to do, when your future has just become a gaping black abiss of possibility, sure it’s great I can do anyhing, but hell I have no idea what I want to do and that’s crazy scary. Yeah there are things I want to do, like go to Japan a learn tradidtion tea ceremony and dancing, but that’ll cost and do not speak Japanese, sure I can drop words and maybe say one sentence, with what is probably horrible pronoucation. I also want to go and live in the desert for like a year or something. I found this amazing festival retreat thing in Morocco I think, but it’s too expensive for me at the moment, so I’ll have to wait to go to that. I’ve been looking at a bunch of these retreat festivals, that are about disconnecting from technology and all that jazz. Sure I use technology, but when you compare me to some people my age, it’s just like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, sorry rant moment.

But moving swiftly on… I also entered a writing competition – which I am now drawing a blank on the name of… – I didn’t actually write anything brand new, just send some of my newer stuff. I don’t think it was a ver best stuff, but it wasn’t my worst, so I might place or more optimistically I could win. But yeah I’m not sure how popular the competition is or what sort of stuff they publish, since the breif was any genre, but really most of time when they say that it’s not true, like I don’t think they would publish… gothic fiction or something like that, because it doesn’t fit them at all.

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