After E

Let the weight of the worries upon these shoulders, weigh nothing more than feathers and let them become wings, when all my worries gather together. Fall not into the darkness when all is said and done, but fly high into the sky, so your heart strings may be sung.

So I was thinking about going to one of Andy Black’s UK concerts and with this in mind I was asking my friends if they would like to go. On the off chance that one of them was free and wanted to go, I decided it would be a good idea to text my… friend who works at one of the venues that one of the concerts was going to be at and lickety slit he said he could put me and my friends on the guest list – yay! – so now I’m waiting to see what one of my friends says, because if she wants to go I think we’ll be more or less set for things, otherwise me and another friend, that said she wanted to go, will have to go to a different performance.

But I’m not sure how things are going to go, obviously I would like to go to the one where I can get on the guest list, but either way, I think things will be alright and it will be nice to see people or person again.

Any ways this Easter break is still just as weird feeling. I’ve got so much stuff to do – University work mostly – but I’ve yet to really do any of it, since I’ve got next week completely free so, I’m kind of just saving everything up and then going to cram it all into next week. I did plan on doing stuff on my day off, but that didn’t happen.

I seem to always be tired when I get up these days, maybe it’s because I’m basically getting a workout everyday, which I’m not used to.



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