Flash, flash, run…

Once there was a man, who had the most beautiful eyes anyone had ever seen. With those eyes he could seduce anyone he so fancied to look upon. In this way the man had many lovers and everyone in his life was just happy to be looked at by him.

There was many people who were jealous of the man or of the people who were special enough to be around him, but the man would only look at beautiful things. You see he was a very conceited and self-centred man, all the attention had gone to his head and he acted as if he believed himself to be a god.

One day one of the many jealous admirers of the man tried to harm him, but one of his many lovers took the pain for him, in the process their face was cut. The cut was deep and took weeks to heal, but when it finally had the lover went back to the man, but the man refused to look at her, saying that the scare that now resided on her face was too ugly for him to look upon.

The lover fell into a deep pit of despair. Finally they decided that a world were the man would not look upon them was a world not worth living in, so cut out their own heart, in an attempt to try and cut out their feelings.

When death came to collect the innocent woman he was moved by the passion of her death and asked for her story.

The woman sat for hours talking to death about her love for the man. After listening to the woman death, made a deal with her, then took her heart to the afterlife with him.

The man oblivious to the death of his scorned lover, continued on in his frivolous ways, only looking upon things he deemed beautiful enough for him to look upon, but as he grew in age, so did his desire for beautiful things. Slowly this desire turned into an obsession, soon he was spending all this days searching for more and more beautiful things, until he longer left his house in case he might glimpse something ugly.

His admirers grew with him and so he sent them out to search for beautiful things for him to gaze upon. In exchange for the beautiful things he would deign to look upon them for a moment.

Years passed and his standards grew with each passing year, until finally it had been years since he had looked at another person.

He would simply stare at his beautiful jewels all days, never moving from his throne like chair, as all his were seen to by his admirers, all hoping that he might glance at them, but he never did.

One day news came to the man of a woman, so beautiful that even the gods pursed her. Upon hearing this news the man sent out his admirers to fetch the woman to him, as he must see her, but the woman would not come.

He sent her many of his beautiful possessions, but she sent them all back. Ultimately the man realised that he would have to leave his home, if he wishes to see the woman.

So he gathered his admirers and told them to tie a blindfold over his eyes and lead him to the woman. To make sure the man did not fall and hurt himself his admirers carried him in a litter, but the woman did not live close to the man and it took months for his admirers to carry him. In the man’s desire to see the woman he did not allow his admirers to stop and rest, so many of them grew sickly and some even died, but the man did not care. He saw them as ugly beings, hardly deserving to be in his presence. When the first one died, he said ‘that it was an honour for them to die for him’.

At long last the admirers set the man down in front of the woman and removed his blindfold.

When the man looked upon the woman he began to weep, her beauty was so great. Instantly a passionate desire for her began to burn inside him, but as he approached her, the woman ran from him. He followed, leaving his sickly admirers behind.

The man chased the woman all day and night, until them came to dilapidated building. The windows were so dirty you couldn’t see inside, the doors hung from their hinges. Mould and ivy covered the walls and rain dripped through the ceiling.

Into this crumbling building the woman ran and the man after her. Up cracking wooden staircases and down darkened hallways he chased her, until they came to a large almost pitch black room, where she finally stopped.

The man was so tired from chasing her, that he would hardly speak. He only just managed to splutter out the word ‘name’.

The woman smiled, but didn’t reply.

Instead she reached up and removed the mask that covered her face.

Behind the mask was the face of the man’s scorned lover.

The lover smiled at the man, as her face slowly became shrouded in darkness. Before the man could speak or move to leave, he was sucked into the woman, who ate him whole. The only things that was left of the man was his eyes.

The woman let out a passionless sigh. Even though she was now forever one with her love, she felt nothing. No relief, no joy, nothing. Her heart had been taken by death, her eyes had cried all their tears, her mouth had smiled it’s last, she was now an empty shell.

But deep in her mind there was one last spark of something like love, which had been ignited by the man’s beautiful eyes and this spark burn, it burn her. With one last sigh she fell to the floor as ash.

Death sighed as it saw the woman’s final moment. Gently death plucked the man’s beautiful eyes from the remains of the woman.

Death took the eyes away and gave them to it’s most beloved children.

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this, but I was just sitting listening to music and it popped into my head. So this is the first draft of it, but I sort of want to turn it into a prelude of a story or something, but I’m not sure.

So I’ve been sick for the past couple weeks or so. At the moments it’s more just lingering stuff, likes a cough now and then, runny nose and flem. So it’s not so bad, but it’s still an annoyance.

I haven’t blogged in a while, because of the cold and the fact that’s I’ve had stuff to get done. On Monday we had an inclass test and I also got my exam results back. I passed my exam and that’s all I’m going to say about it. The in class test was terribe, I didn’t even complete it, so it will be a miracle if I pass. Usually I finish really early, so I felt some questions thinking I’d have the time to come back to them, but I didn’t, so I missed like 4 questions, because they were 2 part questions, even though they said some of them would be as little as one wor answers, only one of them was and that wouldn’t have got you full marks.

The rest of the week I’ve just really been procrastinating, because I have a report to write and I wanted to get it done, before I left next Monday, but I still haven’t really started it, well I’ve done the stats for it, but I’m not sure if I did them right now not so there’s that – eek!

I also got myself a bunch of new makeup, which arrived today, so I’ve been trying that out, but unfortunately the foundation/concealer- because it was an all in one deal-lio – is a little lighter than my actual skin, but it still looks alright I guess, I just look a little pale. Also I tried contouring for the first time and for a first effort, without proper contouring brushes, I think I did alright. But I wasn’t sure what shade to get, light-meduim or medium-dark, I got the latter in the end, but I’m still not sure if that was right. I also got this spray with is meant to ‘fix’ your makeup, but I forgot to shake it, so it gave me all these little white dots on my face, which I had to sort of scratch off, it sounds worse than it was, I just had to hope I wasn’t scratching off all my foundation as well.

I’ve been watching a bunch of makeup tutorials of youtube and I feel like I will never be able to do what they do with makeup, maybe because I don’t want to spend as much, because I don’t wear makeup all the time, so it’s not really worth it, to spend loads and all that jazz and so because I actually sort of like my bags under my eyes, so I can’t quite follow, them because they all want to cover that shit up, but I don’t. Also I hate buying foundation in store – I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s hard with people with my skin tone, I mean I’m half white, half black, so most stuff is either too pale or too dark, mainly too pale though. So it can take forever to find something that actually works for me, but then buying it online, means that I usually don’t get the right colour, so I think mixing is the way to go with me.

I’ve sort of been listening to this song non-stop, along with Colours by Halsey.

So yeah…

But anyways, so next week is my courses reading week, so instead of staying here like I was planning to, I’m going to go to Bristol to see the father and his girlfriend, then on Thursday I’m going ‘on holiday’. I’m taking myself to Cornwall for a 3 night break in the countryside. Apart from the father, I haven’t told anyone I’m going away, but I doubt anyone will notice I’m not around. I mean one of my flatmates is also going away for reading week and the other, well she’ll have uni and work and social shit, so yeah… I don’t think anyone will notice.

I’m hoping to take some nice picture, with my new/old camera. It was my mother’s camera which I found in storage, when I was helping the father clear out the house for moving and everything and since I now have film for it, I can actually use it – yay! I just have to remember how to put the film in.


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