I’ll disappear for awhile… soon…

Your heart beating like crazy” she half laughed.

Yeah, well. That happens sometimes, when a person is happy” he laughed back, then bent down and kissed her again, she was surprised, but soon relaxed into it.

Slowly as he deepened the kiss, she ran her hands over his head and down his shoulder, then finally over his chest.

So it’s a month a 2 days until I’m not longer a teenager. I guess I’ve always, well nearly always had a thing about age. I guess as soon as understood the concept, I got into the head space of what you could peter pan (ish), I never wanted to grow up, but it seems I’m doing it anyways.

Since my birthday has become a less than celebratory affair for me, for one reason or another and 20 being a filler year any ways, I’m going to do what my body being telling me to do since I came back to Bournemouth, run away, in a sense. But I guess instead of running away from home, I’m running back and then away. Well if you define home as where your parents live – in my case parent, since I only have the one  – then I’m running home, otherwise I’m running away from home, for a week. Leaving everyone here behind without a word, I’ll probably leave a note or something and though, because I bet someone will get all worried, or not even notice I’m gone, but I’ve got to make sure they don’t see me, go, just don’t want to have to deal with the question and all that jazz.

Yeah I know this is sort of selfish on my part, but hey who isn’t a little selfish ever now and then, at least I’m not selfish in other ways, all the time. I don’t pretend to be some sort of selfless saint or anything, I’m only human…

Any ways… so recently I’ve been writing more. There’s this challenge thing going on, on this writing website I’m part of and I’ve decided to try and take part. Everyday of february they email a writing prompt and you have to write a short or poem based on the prompt, then tag it with FebruaryChallengeday (whatever day it is from) and then post it on the site, at the moment I’ve only done days 1, 2, 6, 8 and am working on 3. Since you don’t have to do them in order, you just have to post them before or on the end of the month and then you get a prize. The prizes aren’t anything stupenduse, but it helps to have a goal to write towards.

At the moment I’m trying to write a story using all the prompt, as in each chapter is one of the prompt and they all intertwin, but I’m thinking it’s going to get harder and harder, it’s already hard to make it all work at the moment and I’ve only got 10 prompt/days, I don’t know how I’m going to do it with 29, but I’m going to try and see how it goes. It’s not part of the challenge, so I don’t have to if it doesn’t work in the end, but it’s kind of fun!


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