Release me

And underneath that darkness, there was something forlorn, because we all know your has been beautifully torn. So if you want to smile, then smile and smile again, because all you have to smile about is that you will end.

To say writing is as nessecary as breathing for me, sounds kind of like an exaggeration, but sometimes that’s how is feel. I guess sometimes writing makes me feel real, in a life that makes me feel like an imposter most of the time.

Recently I’ve been feeling like I want to run away from here and the people here. I know recently I’ve been ranting a lot about my flatmate, but she’s been getting on my nerves or somethig.

But I’m not going to talk about that right now.

I’ve been, well I am… skyping with my friends. To try and sort of out this summer holiday shit.

But it’s not really going super well. We got some shit do yesterday, but today has been a bit hectic. Things just don’t want to work out properly. Since people’s videos aren’t working quite right and we’re sort of getting off topic here and there and everywhere.

But any ways the real dilema of the month is still Mr. C, I’m still mulling over our ‘relationship’ since oart of me is like ‘drop him he’s not worth it’ but then the ‘romantic’ in me was like ‘just try it see how it goes’. But I’m of two minds, I want to explore…


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