Do something disgusting

Kiss me, hit me, watch me bleed, tell me that you love me and you’ll never leave, then break all your promises and set me free, because I don’t want to know what you see, when you close your eyes and you’re thinking of me.
Bruise me, abuse me, beat me till you hit my soul, shatter me to pieces, then let me go, because I don’t want to know, what you see, when I’m drowning, out in my own sea.
Smile, be wild, won’t let you go, because everyone thinks you’re good down in your soul, but I know better, because I can see through the stained glass window that you made for me.
Say forever and then die, come back to haunt me on the side, because if I was ever happy, I think I’d drown in melancholy.

So I’m not sure how I’m feeling today… angry? happy? pissed? confused?

Honestly whenever I see one of my flatmates, then I think pissed adn anger take over. I’m questioning whether she has always been this way or ifit’s a new thing. I mean she could have been, we didn’t live together, so our contact time was lessened and the stuff she did, didn’t always impact me the way it does now. But god, it’s like she thinks no one has problems but her. She literally told me, she doesn’t care if what she doesn’t inconviences me or anything like that.

Such as the internet has been playing up lately. She it wasn’t working on her laptop, but it was working on her tablet, so she turned the router on and off again, which of course meant that I had to reconnect, which I meant I lost some stuff I was doing online. It wasn’t a big deal, when I told her what happened, she just said ‘I don’t care, because I need the internet’. She had the internet on her tablet. I got kinda annoyed, because after she turned the router on and off again, it kept disconnecting from my laptop, but unlike her, I didn’t instantly go and turn the router off, I waited to see if I could reconnect, like if it was just a blip or something. It just pisses me off that she didn’t even consider or care and just thought about herself competely.

I was chatting with themboth my flatmates in the kitchena and I thought that I’d bring up the bin, because lately people haven’t been emptying it – I feel like I’m the one it. So I said that ‘if you fill it, empty it’ then she was complaining that she’d have to get dressed, so I pointed out that she didn’t, because just putting the bag by the door was enough, so that we didn’t get piles of garbage in the kitchen – sounds fair right? – apparently not to her. I think she is just being lazy and selfish at the moment. I’m all for looking after yourself, but be considerate other people please. I mean I feel I don’t fill the bin in the same way they do, because most of my waste is food waste, so that just slips into the cracks between things and doesn’t really fill it like, bottles and cartons and what not, which have more body and all that jazz.

God this is so much drama over bins… I do not want this in my life, but I guess I’m being a weird-ass justice warrior here or something 😛 – ohh an emoji, how unusual…

Alright that was… yeah… I’m just going to stop now…


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