Care to care

Under the edge of a toppling mind, you saw something worth fighting for and thus you noticed, you were blind, to something worth dying for.

I feel like I have to take advantage of my current… mood, because otherwise I might starting losing parts of myself – literally. Since I have a bad habit of abusing myself – in a sense of the word – recently I found that it might be due to something that happened in my childhood. How did I come to this conclusion… well I was watching ths film – yeah a film – and they were talking about childhood experiences and how they effects them later on, well something like that and then it just sort of clicked or something to that effect – yeah I know you can’t believe everything you see in films, but hey… it makes sense to me and it’s nice to know that there a reason behind it all.

So perhaps your wondering about the first sentence of this post – although most probably not, I swear I’m this pessimist outside of my own head!

Any ways I’m not sure what I was doing, but it just popped into my head and I had to write it down before I forgot, so I did and it just happened to be in a blog post, start, so yeah… Not much of a story, but all the same?

I can’t wait for the summer!


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