I picture is worth a thousand words?

I smile until you want me, I cut until I’m clean and everything that makes me happy makes me want to bleed. So if you think you love me, then run away back home. Because I’m like a hurricane… I’ll tear you apart and then move on.

So yeah…

I was doing a post on my other blog – The Photo Puppet – yesterday and this came into my head, well nearly this, I forgot the first line, so I had to re-write it. I don’t think it’s as good, but hey ho, I have a bad memory. I did start doing brain training, recently to try and get a better memory, but I’ve been a bit frazzeled lately, so I haven’t been keeping up with it.

Although I have been keeping up with my new diet, of healthy eating and last saturday one of my co-workers, said she thought I looked skinnier. I guessing lossing the fat is a good thing, since it’ll ‘make room’ for the muscle, not that I want to get as much muscle as I have fat, because that’ll be just too much to maintain and I can be pretty damn lazy sometimes. Although I would like my ‘chunk’ legs back. I miss them. I’ve never been a fan of the thigh gap and I was horrifed to notice, that I’m beginning to develope one – dun dun dun…

So I’m still trying to find somewhere to live next year and in the interest of accomplishing this, I’m trying to convince with girl, I met on facebook – through one of the university groups – that it would be in her interest to use a different letting agency, so that we can live together, she has – I’m assuming – 3 other people who are also looking for a place, although I’ve only met 2 – they were really nice though. But it doesn’t seem like she particularly friends with any of them, so I think she connected with them the same way she did with me. So I’ve asked her and said I’d do all the looking and what not. Because well I’ve done some looking and the places I’ve found are cheaper and nicer looking than the places I went to see – which she wanted to get. So I’m hoping she’ll agree to it and I can finally stop worrying about being homeless for the start of next year.

My flatmate that I’m meant to be living with is really pissing me off, it’s mainly small things, but they all add up. Like she never cleans. It’s not like I’m expecting her to clean my stuff, of course not. But she seems to be expected us to clean hers – by us, I mean me and our other flatmate. I asked her to take the bins out before she left, because well they really needed taking out and I had forgotten to do it, before I went out/I didn’t realy have the time, because I was in a rush, after trying to get her up only to find out she wasn’t coming, which she could have told me the night before, because she obviously knew she wasn’t going to come thenĀ  – just a little rant there. She said she would, but then didn’t even both. And in the bathroom there’s now a pile of her cotton buds on top of the bin, because she can’t be bother to empty it. I mean I would, but I’m not because it’s full of her rubbish, since I don’t use that bin and I think it’s unfair that she expects me to empty it. Then she makes a mess in the kitchen and never cleans it up – NEVER. I mean we’ve all made a mess and thought ‘I’ll come back to that later and clean it, because I don’t have the time now’ or something to that effect and then forgotten, but she never cleans anything up. Yeah anyways that’s just one of the pile of things that pissing me off about her at the moment. Especially as last year, she complained so much about her housemates doing the same thing. I know we haven’t got set things we clean, but I expect people to clean up after themselves and when they see the bin is full, empty it. I mean they don’t even have to take the bag all the way out, just putting it by the door, so that the next person to go out can take it, is enough – because we all fill that bin, so that’s perfectly fair in my eyes.

Any ways rant over – sorta

My friend wants to go to Paris and Rome during the May bank holidays, which I would love to do, but of course I might be moving on one of them, so I wouldn’t be able to, but if I can I will, because I’ve been saving to try and travel more. But we’ve also got to book our holiday to Lanzarote – now, because that was the nicest cheapest place we could find, I say we, but only one of us did most of the work, I tried, but I was really bad at finding cheap places for some reason and I feel bad that I didn’t contribute, but at least we’ve found a place now! But my friend that wants to go to Paris and Rome, is having to trouble with her holiday days, so we can’t book yet, although she said that she may have to go bacl before us, so that she still has some holiday days left.


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