Stick a fork in me….

So I’ve been tracking my mood lately, because my cousellor said I probably should, to get a better idea of if there is a pattern in my mood swings. So far I don’t see any really pattern, but I’ve only been tracking it for 4 days, so I wasn’t really expected to see much.

Although today hasn’t been a good day – yet – and it’s only the morning. My ‘friend’ who’s said she wanted to try and find a place together for next year, has now basically told me she’s looking out for number 1 and that I’m just a burden to her. As we’re not finding it super easy to find a place for 2 people. I won’t have minded if she’d been up front and said something like, ‘if we don’t find a place by this date then let’s look separately’, but no she was just going to leave me high and dry, with no where to go next year. That’s a real friend for you.

So this morning has been me slowly spiraling. I’m just trying to stop myself from doing something drastic.


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